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Cheyenne offers great largemouth bass opportunities

July 17, 2018
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Largemouth bass are popular with anglers because they are extremely aggressive predators that put up a good fight. There are few largemouth bass fisheries in Wyoming, but that does not mean quality bass fishing does not exist. In fact, the new state record largemouth bass weighed 11.51 pounds and was caught in a pond in the Sheridan Region last month. The Laramie Region has some great largemouth bass fishing opportunities as well.

Laramie -  Sloans Lake and Lake Absarraca in Cheyenne both have good largemouth bass populations. The Laramie Region Fisheries Management crew sampled Lake Absarraca and Sloans Lake in June via night electrofishing. Largemouth bass averaged 12 inches in Lake Absarraca and were a bit smaller in Sloans Lake. The largest bass collected from each lake was about 18.5 inches and about 4.5 lbs. It is important for anglers to remember that there is a special regulation in effect on these lakes, which states that all largemouth bass less than fifteen (15) inches shall be released to the water immediately. This regulation is meant to help increase the size of fish by reducing harvest on small fish and allowing them enough time to reach larger sizes. Fortunately, there are enough large bass in each of the lakes and provide a great opportunity for anglers in southeast Wyoming.

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