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WGFD announces kids' Junior Trainee Program

Junior Trainee Booklets available inside the Lander Library's Explorer Backpacks. 

6/28/2017 10:06:22 AM

Lander - The Lander branch of the Fremont County Library and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department are working jointly to offer an Explorer’s Backpack. The backpack is filled with tools to help people get outside and explore Lander.  Inside the packs, you will find binoculars, a workbook, field guides, magnifying glass, track stamps, colored pencils, area guides, and more.
For kids, one of the most exciting parts may be the Junior Trainee Workbook, full of workbook pages for kids to complete. Once they have completed their workbooks, they can turn them in at the Game and Fish Lander Regional Office (260 Buena Vista Dr.), take their junior trainee pledge and receive their junior trainee patch. 
The backpacks are available for residents and visitors and can be checked out for several days at a time from the Lander Library, 451 N. 2nd St., Lander, WY. 

The first trainee getting sworn in by Office Manager Tasha Lewis.

The Explorer Backpack available for checkout at the Lander Library.

(Rene Schell 307-335-2630)

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