Renovating Whiskey Mountain Conservation Camp

Success with Fundraising Partners

A big thank you to all those organizations, foundations, and individuals who contributed to this renovation. A total of $128,000 was raised through the fundraising campaign. The Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation contributed $30,000, Wyoming Wildlife, The Foundation contributed $40,000, and countless people donated both time and money towards this project, including the Whiskey Mountain Conservation Camp Working Group.  All of this donor contributed time and money allows the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to allocate funds towards other wildlife and habitat projects instead of paying for the entire cost of renovating this resource. Thank you!

2018 Updates


A thank you dinner and a beautiful painting donated by artisit Laney Hicks.

Summer- skipping forward


The new dining hall and updated library are ready for guests.

January - Logs

2017 Updates

November - Earth moving before the winter closure


November - Dining hall and log siding


Late October - Continued framing of the dining hall and finishing touches on other buildings



Early October - Framing of the dining hall


The biggest news from September, moving into October, is the framing of the dining hall. 

September- Roofs, windows and more plumbing

Roofs are being repaired or replaced, the dining hall foundation is being waterproofed, windows are being installed, and work on the plumbing continues.

August- Rebuilding and updating facilities
New water lines being laid down and new plumbing installed (center picture is in bathouse, picture on right is in a cabin)

New foundation being laid for the kitchen/dining hall.

New bathouse foundation

New foundation and facade studwall on exisiting cabin.

June- Tree Removal and Structure Tear Down
Dead and dying trees being removed. 

The bath house was partially removed.

The kitchen-dining hall removal. 
May As the end of the WHMA winter closure approaches, contractors will be shifting into high gear to complete the demolition and heavy construction at the Camp this summer and fall. Asbestos removal/mediation started last week and is a required precursor to demolition and construction activities.
Final design plans are wrapping up, but will include: 
  • buried electrical lines; 
  • new stoops and stairways built to code on all cabins; 
  • new water and sewer lines that will be easier to drain, more freeze resistant and take overall less maintenance, the water lines will also be on zones so if one building needs to be shut off, the rest of the camp can still be supplied with water; 
  • one of the two rooms in the existing Bunkhouse building will be remodeled to meet ADA requirements, along with an associated concrete lighted path will be built to and from dining hall from this ADA cabin; 
  • the more recently constructed cabins with open crawl spaces will become enclosed, the exterior siding on these cabins will be removed and replaced with a half-log which will more closely match the historical cabins;
  • the Bath-house building will be remodeled into a smaller but updated and more usable space, alternate toilets, showers and laundry facilities will still be in this building;
  • the current dining hall/kitchen will be demolished and will be replaced by a new dining hall/kitchen/classroom building which will be ADA accessible; new table and chairs will be easy to move and will be able to be stored in a separate room if needed; both sides of dining room will have storage cabinets and counter-tops for education/display purposes, seating capacity for this building will be 96 people;
  • all cabin roofs will have roofs stripped, new plywood sheeting installed as needed, insulation sheets applied and new shingles installed;
  • any existing add-on structures for water heaters will be removed from all cabins.  New water heaters will be installed in existing closets;
  • the large deck currently attached to the library will be removed and replaced with a new structure which more closely resembles the size which was historically there.  The newly opened area will go back to being more of an open, common area;
  • new trees will be planted to replace those which have died to needed to be removed for construction, a drip system for the trees will also be installed;
Finally, the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center has been instrumental in the additional fundraising effort for the Camp.  To date, $78,000 has been raised.  Recently, the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation committed to donating another $40,000.  This $118,000 will be used to construct a screened-in outdoor classroom pavilion.
Thank you for your continued interest.

More about the project

To continue to host top notch conservation education programs, Whiskey Mountain Conservation Camp is in need of some basic renovations. Without investment the Camp’s historic buildings, and the learning opportunities it has hosted may be lost forever. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission feels the Camp is their “Crown Jewel” and voted to invest 2 million dollars towards the 4.5 million dollar renovation project to begin in summer 2017.   

Working together, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Association (501c3) hope to preserve and enhance the Camp in a manner that compliments the surrounding landscape and ensures it remains an outstanding facility for wildlife and conservation education. The Camp sits within the Torrey Valley, outside of Dubois, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area, which provides crucial winter habitat for bighorn sheep, elk and mule deer. This unique location has introduced generations of campers to outdoor skills and world-class wildlife.

 A renovated camp will begin a new era of conservation education and continue to inspire the next generation of conservation leaders.

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