2023 Season Dates, Bag Limits and Limitations
for Ocean Lake and Sand Mesa WHMAs

Hunt Area Season Dates Bag Limit   Shooting Hours
Opens Closes Daily Posession Limitations Start End
2 Nov. 1 Dec. 3 2 6 Any Pheasant
(Youth only on Nov. 18)
Week Days 8:00 am 2:00 PM
Weekend Days
8:00 am
2 Dec. 4 Dec. 31 2 6 Male Pheasant only 1/2 hour before Sunrise Sunset

Release Information and Calendar

Releases are scheduled to occur prior to the opening date and will continue until birds are no longer available from the Sheridan Bird Farm (typically the first week of December). Release days are planned for Tuesdays and Fridays for all releases. Sometimes events require us to alter the schedule. We will regularly update the calendar below with the status of the current release. If for any reason pheasants will not be released on a scheduled day, the calendar below will reflect that change after 2pm on the release date. 

If there is no notification on the release calendar, hunters can expect birds were released as scheduled.
Personnel generally release birds after the close of shooting hours on the release day (after 2 pm). Birds are released on Sand Mesa throughout the area directly north of Bass Lake and at all public access sites along the west and north side of Ocean Lake except the boat ramp.

Of the pheasant released, 40-45% are typically males and the remaining 55-60% are females. Any pheasant may be taken on the Sand Mesa and Ocean Lake WHMAs from Nov. 1 - Dec. 3 during the release period.

An average of over 3700 pheasant have been released on the Sand Mesa and Ocean Lake WHMAs annually since 1996. 

Ocean Lake Wildlife Habitat Management Area (Map)
Release locations for Ocean Lake WHMA (Map)

Sand Mesa Wildlife Habitat Management Area (Map)
Release locations for Sand Mesa WHMA (Map)

Killebrew Public Access Area (Map)

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