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Sweetwater mule deer captures

Mule movement study in the Sweetwater Herd. Game Warden Brad Gibb, Wildlife Biologist Stan Harter, and UW Biologist Matthew Kauffman carry a doe deer. 


4/24/2018 5:02:26 AM

Lander - Recently, capture crews with help from the University of Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit captured and collared 31 mule deer does in the Sweetwater Mule Deer herd. Captures began near Devils Gate and ended near Sweetwater Station. Deer were captured utilizing net guns from a helicopter. They were hobbled, blindfolded, slung in bags, and transported back to a staging area where we took biological samples and placed collars on the deer before they were released.
At least one collared doe has already begun her migration back towards Black Mountain and more should be joining soon. This effort is part of the Sweetwater Mule Deer Movement Project and 10 more collars will be placed on does this fall.

A story map of the helicopter captures.



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