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Waterfowl Season Closures

Portion of South Park WHMA will be closed to waterfowl hunting through October 9 to protect trumpeter swan family.

8/23/2017 8:00:00 AM

Jackson - In the Pacific Flyway portion of Wyoming, which is west of the Continental Divide, the season for early Canada goose hunting runs September 1-8. The regular season for ducks and geese opens September 23. The dark goose season closes on December 28 and the season for ducks, mergansers and coots closes on January 5.
There is an additional closure to a portion of the South Park Wildlife Habitat Management Area south of Jackson through October 9. The closure applies to the northwest area of the unit including three constructed wetland ponds. Maps which show the closed area are posted on site.
This closure is to protect nesting trumpeter swans, a species of conservation concern in the state. The pair at South Park hatched six cygnets (young of the year) this summer, and is one of the top producing pairs in the Snake River drainage. This partial seasonal closure has also proven valuable for providing a secure area for holding other waterfowl species that would otherwise leave the unit soon after the season opens. The closed portion opens to waterfowl hunting on October 10.
The South Park WHMA is located just five miles south of Jackson with 1200 acres of cottonwood bottomlands along the Snake River. The area is closed to public access from December 1-April 30 each year to prevent disturbance to wintering elk. However, the Game & Fish Department typically allows walk-in only waterfowl hunting to the extent possible on the eastern portion of the WHMA away from the elk. 
Two other closures exist within the Pacific Flyway of Wyoming where hunting waterfowl is not permitted throughout the waterfowl season. These include the Alpine wetland area located at the north end of Palisades Reservoir and Eden Reservoir north of Farson. Descriptions of these sites and a map of the Flyway areas in Wyoming can be found in the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission 2017 Migratory Game Bird Hunting brochure available at all license selling agents, Wyoming Game and Fish offices or online on the Game and Fish website.  


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