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Following Fawns in the Wyoming Range

Game & Fish partners with University of Wyoming researchers to track the fate of mule deer fawns in the Wyoming Range. 

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Sampling Snake River Cutthroats

This Snake River cutthroat trout is one of many captured in a fish trap that is set up on a tributary of the Snake River each year.

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Following the Rare Harlequins of Northwestern Wyoming

Initial research results show this spectacular duck that summers in northwest Wyoming spends its winters off the coast of British Columbia.

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Game & Fish Gets Busy Tagging Antlers and Horns

If you find antlers or horns still attached to the skull, call G&F before removing it from the field.

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G&F Uses Fladry to Deter Wolves

Temporary use of fladry proves effective as wolf deterrent.

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Hunters Reminded to “Be Bear Aware” in Light of Recent Attack

Hunting in Bear Country this Fall? Remember these tips to avoid a bear conflict.

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G&F: Be Mindful of Moose & Bears

Moose and bear conflicts tend to escalate this time of year. There are steps we can take as residents to prevent them from happening.

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