Recreational use advisory issued for Kemmerer City Reservoir and Lake Viva Naughton

Per the Harmful Algal Bloom Action Plan that Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) developed with the cooperation of the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH), a recreational use ADVISORY has been issued for Kemmerer City Reservoir and Lake Viva Naughton due to elevated densities of cyanobacteria.

8/31/2018 10:07:25 AM

Green River - On August 20, 2018, satellite imagery from the Cyanobacteria Assessment Network (CyAN) identified elevated densities of cyanobacteria covering a large portion of Lake Viva Naughton. Imagery also suggested that Kemmerer City Reservoir immediately downstream of Lake Viva Naughton was also experiencing elevated densities of cyanobacteria.

On August 22, 2018, DEQ responded to the reservoirs to investigate. At the east boat ramp of Kemmerer City Reservoir, DEQ observed clumps of floating algae and collected samples for cyanobacteria and cyanotoxin analysis. At the southeast beach of Lake Viva Naughton, DEQ observed a much larger bloom with dense algae accumulating along the shoreline and clumps of algae extending out into the limnetic zone of the lake. Samples were collected at the shoreline of the southeast beach. DEQ observed similar bloom conditions at the east boat ramp about one mile north of the southeast beach.

On August 26, 2018, DEQ received results of the cyanobacteria identification and enumeration. Both Kemmerer City Reservoir and Lake Viva Naughton exceeded the 20,000 cells/mL threshold with average cyanobacteria densities greater than 22,000,000 and 23,000,000 cells/mL, respectively.
On August 27, 2018, DEQ relayed results to the WDH and WDH issued a recreational use ADVISORY for Kemmerer City Reservoir and Lake Viva Naughton. The WDH is working directly with the Kemmerer-Diamondville Joint Powers Board and the Pacificorp Naughton Plant to ensure that ADVISORY signs are posted at both reservoirs.

DEQ will notify agencies when toxin results become available.
Point of contact at WDH is Karl Musgrave (, 307-777-5825).

(Karl Musgrave 307-777-5825)

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