Game and fish stocks local ponds with catchable catfish

Community fishing ponds in Rock Springs, Lyman and Diamondville have been stocked with channel catfish

9/29/2021 2:40:54 PM

Green River - Anglers looking for a new fishing opportunity?  We have some good news.  Game and fish recently stocked three ponds in southwest Wyoming with catchable catfish.  The channel catfish were raised at the Wyoming Women’s Center in Lusk, WY and average 12 inches in length.  Three ponds were stocked in early September including Rock Springs Pond, Lyman Pond and Diamondville Pond.
          “The catfish will be active and biting until really cold weather sets in, possibly into November.                  Channel catfish will take a variety of baits sitting on the bottom including worms.”
            Said John Walrath, Green River fisheries biologist.
The Rock Springs pond is south of Clubhouse Drive as it makes the first big bend heading to the Rock Springs Golf Course.  The Lyman Pond is east of Road 251 shortly after turning off of East Clark Street.  The Diamondville Pond is in the southeast corner of town down by the river and can be accessed off of Cumberland Street or Sublet Avenue.
For more information about fish stocking in Wyoming access our online stocking report.  Also check out our interactive fishing guide to find places to fish as well as learn what species of fish are in certain bodies of water.


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