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Big Sandy River Restoration Project

The distribution of Bluehead sucker, Roundtail chub and Flannelmouth sucker, collectively known as the three species, has been dramatically reduced across the Colorado River Basin due to the introduction of nonnative species and habitat loss. A concrete fish barrier was constructed on the river in 2016 to prevent the movement of nonnative species, such as burbot. Make sure you stop and read this interpretive sign to learn more about the three species, how and why they need to be protected, and how you can help. The sign is located at the vehicle pullout on Highway 191 towards the town of Pinedale, WY, 7 miles north of the turnoff for Big Sandy Reservoir. The sign was installed by Green River Fisheries Biologist John Walrath and Pinedale Habitat Access Biologist Kyle Berg. The sign has been two years in the making.

Thank you to all the partners who made this sign and project possible: WGFD, BLM, WWNRT, Landowners of the Big Sandy River, Wyoming Governor's Office, Sublette County Conservation District, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Get out and fish year-round! It's good for you!


Lucy Wold, WGFD Photos:Rock Springs Kids Fishing Day


Thanks to all the sponsors of the annual Take a Kid Fishing Day at the Wataha Complex!
Seedskadee Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Walker Bait, Cowboy Bass, City of Rock Springs, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The Kemmerer and Evanston Kid Fishing Day have already taken place June 8 2019. We want to sincerely thank all of the groups and people who made the kid fishing events past and present a success:
Trout Unlimited, WGFD, Evanston Water Rescue, Cowboy Bass, Town of Evanston, Town of Kemmerer, Town of Rock Springs, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Walker Bait and Kemmerer BLM. If we missed someone, our apologies. These events are always a lot of fun for the whole family and we see all of our hard work in their smiling face.




Anglers Kevin Spence (left) and Nick Walrath hold up some nice Tiger trout caught on High Savery near Baggs, Wyoming. 

Volunteers assist with fish sampling on Sulphur Creek Reservoir


Green River Fisheries Biologist John Walrath (Boat captain) and fish technicians Hunter Weidenborner and Mitch Magruder, Evanston Game Warden Nick Roberts and I&E Specialist Lucy Wold set nets on the reservoir to sample fish species, numbers, lengths and weights. Species included Bear River Cutthroat, White suckers, a few rainbow trout and a few walleye. The reservoir was rough, with high winds and white-caps, and it was wonderful to have the help of area summer school students and their teachers/chaperones. 


           The first ever Mac Attack Fishing Derby finished up on April 28 and the results are posted below. The winter ice fishing derbies are over and done with, the ice is all gone, and the fishing is excellent. Don't forget your fishing license and Conservation Stamp; your Reciprocal Stamp if needed.

2019 Mac Attack Fishing Derby Results

Number Lake trout entered = 382
Weight of Lake trout entered = 956
Average length of Lake trout entered = 20.4 inches
Length range of Lake trout entered = 14.0 - 24.9
Heaviest Lake trout entered less than 25" = 5.92 lbs
28 of the 382 Lake trout entered were over  23 inches to 24.9 inches or 7 %. 

Photos: Lucy Wold, WGFD
A bucket of small lake trout caught at the Mac Attack Fishing Derby and Green River Fisheries Supervisor Robb Keith gets a weight and measurement of a lake trout with volunteer Carleen Harwick at Lucerne Marina check in station. Green River Fisheries Biologists Troy Laughlin and John Walrath weigh and measure lake trout turned in at the check station in Green River and Utah DWR Flaming Gorge Project Leader  Ryan Mosley assists with processing the fish at Lucerne. A huge thank you to all the anglers, sponsors and UT DWR for their assistance and efforts to make this fishing derby a success.

Game and Fish nets Fontenelle Reservoir

It is that time of the year again for fisheries biologists with the Green River Region of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to net area reservoirs to determine fish species and population status.

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Local students learn about Kokanee salmon spawning in Green River

WGFD Photos: Lucy Diggins-Wold

Students from Truman Elementary School in Green River and Granger Elementary School spent the afternoon learning about Kokanee salmon and their life cycle from birth to spawning to death.

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2019 WGFD Green River Region Angler Newsletter hot off the press

Check out all the latest fisheries information from the biologists who manage the fisheries in southwest Wyoming! 

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Fisheries biologists stock Tiger trout

Want to catch a Tiger trout surrounded by beautiful scenery?

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Hotter water temperatures means algae blooms

Summer is finally here and that means hot water temperatures and the possibility of an algae bloom on area waters. Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms, or HCB's, are dense accumulations of cyanobacteria or "blue-green algae" and are harmful because they can produce toxins and other irritants that cause rashes and illnesses in humans and animals.

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Green River Fish Crew samples area reservoirs

WGFD Photos: Lucy Wold

Green River Fisheries Biologist John Walrath, office manager Regina Dickson and Evanston Game Warden Nick Roberts pull fish from gill nets set on Big Sandy Reservoir recently. The reservoir had not been sampled in many years. Fish netted included rainbow trout, suckers, Brown trout, and a few small burbot.

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Green River Fisheries Crew targets burbot at Jim Bridger Pond

WGFD photos: Lucy Wold

These large predacious fish are eating trout and other fish anglers are trying to catch in Jim Bridger Pond!

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Take good care of your catch and it WILL taste good!

It’s a sad fact that much of the fish served up by anglers have passed their use-by-date. By the time it reaches the table, it's well on its way to, well, being spoiled.

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Questions and Answers Regarding Lake Trout in Flaming Gorge Reservoir

So many anglers have asked a variety of questions about lake trout in Flaming Gorge Reservoir that Green River fisheries managers have put together a hand out for anglers.

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Tasty Fish Recipes from southwest Wyoming

If you have a good day of catching small lake trout or burbot you might want to try one of the following recipes.


What good is catching fish to eat if you are unsure of how to cook them in a way they come out delicious?! Your Green River Fisheries Crew will be featuring their favorite fish recipes and they hope you will give the recipes a try.

If you have a recipe you would like to share with us and our readers, please contact John Walrath at:


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Anglers please keep smaller lake trout!

High numbers of small lake trout in Flaming Gorge Reservoir is prompting area fisheries managers to ask anglers to legally harvest all the lake trout they can use.



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