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Game and Fish Stocks Green River County Pond and Big Sandy

Photos: Lucy Wold, WGFD
​Game and Fish's Dustin Cram stocks 5200 Eagle Lake Rainbow into the County Pond in Jamestown.
​You can't miss the brightly colored, wrapped fish stocking trucks as they roll into your town! The fish stocked were 6 to 8 inches in length from Clarks Fork Fish Hatchery. We are hopeful they will grow into the "big one" that you might catch this summer. Great job Dustin!

15,000 Brown trout were stocked into the Big Sandy River. The fish are 3 inch fingerlings from Dan Speas Fish Hatchery near Casper. (below)

Wyoming Game and Fish Stocks Kemmerer City Pond

​​Photos: Lucy Wold, WGFD
G&F Adam Lieferman stocked 400 fall rainbow trout into Kemmerer City Pond on October 11. The fish began as brood stock eggs at Boulder Rearing Station and were later raised at Speas Fish Hatchery near Casper. The trout are eight to nine inches long and were very feisty when they hit the water!

Green River Fisheries Crew Completed Gill Netting on Fontenelle Reservoir 2017

​​Photos: Lucy Wold, WGFD
Green River Fisheries Biologist Troy Laughlin (left) and fish technician Jessica Dugan and her father Peter (right) assisted with the annual fall netting on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Burbot were caught in trammel nets and placed in live cars (second row, left) until they could be fitted with PIT tags by graduated students (second row, right) and also have pink colored Floy tags placed in those burbot being utilized for the upcoming ice fishing derbies.

GR Fisheries crews received assistance from WLCI Coordinator Jim Wasseen (above left) and AIS Crew Leader for the southwest region Wes Gordon. (above, right)

Green River Fisheries Biologist Troy Laughlin got assistance from WGFD Kevin Spence, Rob Shipe, Tommy Hill and volunteers Nick Bedard, Ron Taylor and Oscar Erickson from Rock Springs conducting the spring gill netting on Fontenelle Reservoir.



Questions and Answers Regarding Lake Trout in Flaming Gorge Reservoir

So many anglers have asked a variety of questions about lake trout in Flaming Gorge Reservoir that Green River fisheries managers have put together a hand out for anglers.

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Tasty Fish Recipes from southwest Wyoming

If you have a good day of catching small lake trout or burbot you might want to try one of the following recipes.


What good is catching fish to eat if you are unsure of how to cook them in a way they come out delicious?! Your Green River Fisheries Crew will be featuring their favorite fish recipes and they hope you will give the recipes a try.

If you have a recipe you would like to share with us and our readers, please contact John Walrath at:


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Rock Springs angler catches new state record channel catfish

Photo: Brandon Chadwick
​Christian Cosby with record channel catfish


When Christian Cosby threw out a chunk of sucker meat on his six pound test he never expected to catch a huge channel catfish.

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Arctic Grayling Stocked in SW Ponds

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently stocked Arctic grayling in southwest Wyoming, providing anglers an opportunity to catch this unique fish.​

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Bass then and now

Many anglers probably remember when they couldn’t see the rocks along the water’s edge of Flaming Gorge Reservoir because it was teeming with smallmouth bass.  Not the case today.

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Fishing at night is fun, but can be dangerous

Cooler weather is upon us and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department would like to remind anglers that this is a good time to start catching burbot at night. 

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Anglers please keep smaller lake trout!

High numbers of small lake trout in Flaming Gorge Reservoir is prompting area fisheries managers to ask anglers to legally harvest all the lake trout they can use.



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