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Kemmerer poaching case solved thanks to citizen's tip

A tip from a concerned sportsman resulted in a Kemmerer resident being caught in a 2016 deer poaching case. Wyoming Game and Fish Department Kemmerer Game Warden Chris Baird and other area game wardens have been investigating the case since October 2016. Baird said like so many other cases they investigate, this case would not have been made without someone reporting their information. 

12/16/2017 1:33:12 PM

Green River -

Wyoming Game and Fish Department game wardens investigated a report of a deer shot and left in the Elk Mountain area, near Kemmerer. Investigation and interviews revealed that the suspect, Dexter Biebinger of Kemmerer, had killed a two-point mule deer buck. The hunt area has an antler point restriction of three points or more and, due to Biebinger’s concern over violating the antler point restriction, he abandoned the deer at the site of the kill. Biebinger subsequently shot another deer shortly thereafter. After having been shot the second deer ran into some nearby trees and died. Biebinger did not believe he had hit the deer and left the area. Game wardens interviewed Biebinger shortly after the incidents occurred, at which time he admitted to the violations and assisted in the recovery of the deer. 


Biebinger was charged with the waste of a big game animal, taking an over-limit of big game, failing to tag a big game animal, and taking a mule deer buck in violation of the antler point restriction. He plead guilty to these charges and was sentenced to serve three weekends in jail, with 84 days of jail time suspended. He was also sentenced to pay $1175.00 in fines, required to retake a hunter education course, and all of his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges were revoked for 2017 through 2020.   


Anyone with information on any wildlife violation may call the Stop Poaching Hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP (1-877-943-3847). Tips may be reported online at, directly to a game warden, or by calling the Green River Game and Fish Office at-1-307-875-3223. Poaching information may also be texted; text keyword WGFD a message toTIP411 (847-411)


(Lucy Diggins-Wold 307-875-3225, ext. 18607)

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