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WGFD Green River Region habitat improvement efforts in full swing

August 17, 2018
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Habitat biologists are responsible for evaluating and improving wildlife habitat

Green River - ​Green River Aquatic Habitat Biologist Kevin Spence and WLCI Coordinator Jim Wasseen evaluated the riparian zone on the private lands of Red Creek Ranch for a possible beaver transplant.  After 25 consecutive years of rest from livestock grazing, growth of willows and other riparian shrubs remain suppressed and stunted from elk and moose browsing to the extent where habitat is still unsuitable for sustaining beaver. 


Aquatic habitat biologists with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department completed a Wetlands Delineation Field Practicum held in the Laramie area. The training will allow for completion of riparian wetland delineation determinations required for Army Corps of Engineer permitting associated with stream restoration and other aquatic habitat enhancements. 

Kevin Spence also participated in a site visit to evaluate a beaver habitat improvement completed two years ago in the North Fork of Dutch George Creek in the Fontenelle Creek watershed. An active beaver colony is now present, and has reconstructed breached dams and built additional dams to create ponds, elevated water tables, and enhanced riparian wetlands. 

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