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Please do not pick up baby wildlife!

June 01, 2018
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Please resist the temptation to pick up young wildlife!

Green River - Wildlife biologists and Game Wardens with the Green River Region Office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department have already responded to calls of people picking up antelope and deer fawns, cottontail rabbits, and young birds. Parents-please talk to your children about resisting the temptation to do that. 

​Green River Information and Education Specialist Lucy Wold says while most cases involve well-meaning people trying to "save" an animal, in all reality the chance of that wild animal diminishes when people touch them. "The mothers of these young wildlife are typically near by, hiding from humans and predators," Wold said. "These wild animals have a system of communication and protection and by just leaving them alone these young animals will have a better chance of survival. Most humans cannot care for wild animals no matter how many You Tube videos you watch for information. The best thing to do is leave them alone. Please keep your pets away from wildlife and remind your children not to pick them up."

​State and federal laws prohibit possession of wildlife. If you suspect the mother of the young wild animal is dead please contact the Green River Region Office at 307-875-3223 and let wildlife officials take care of the young. 

- WGFD -

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