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Hunter asked for assistance with three projects this fall

September 17, 2019
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We need your help monitoring diseases and pronghorn data

Green River - In 2019 wildlife personnel in the Green River Region are seeking assistance from hunters on three projects or initiatives.  

1) Uinta Deer Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Samples - WGFD has moved from general surveillance on a statewide basis to a focal herd approach.  For the GR Region, Uinta Deer is our "focal herd unit" for 2019.  We are seeking any and all samples we can take from this herd to assess potential prevalence (or the lack thereof) of CWD in hunt areas 132, 133, and 168.  We strongly encourage anyone harvesting a mule deer or white-tailed deer in these areas to get their deer tested so we can determine presence or absence of this disease.  Participants can get their deer sampled at a GF Check Station, during a Game and Fish field check, or at the GR Regional Office at 351 Astle Ave in Green River.  
2) Special management pronghorn herds and buck ratios - WGFD is assessing current special management criteria (based on buck ratios in excess of 60 bucks:100 does) for pronghorn.  In the Green River Region, both areas 57 and 58 are under "special management" which relates to both buck ratios and a general assumption that higher buck ratios result in larger horn or trophy size.  Managing for higher buck ratios means fewer bucks are available on an annual basis for hunter harvest.  Other areas around the state are also being evaluated (see letter).  We are asking buck hunters from these areas to intentionally get their buck checked and measured at either a formal check station or at the regional office most convenient for the hunter.  Contact info for technicians that can take samples are also found within the attached letter.
3)  Brucellosis Surveillance and Prizes - Hunters within specific areas are being sent sample kits, and are being asked to assist in important brucellosis surveillance throughout a large portion of Wyoming.  In the Green River Region, samples are being sought from elk in most of our hunt areas (Areas 30-32, 100, 102-104, 106, 107, and 124).  Hunters that submit samples are being entered in a drawing with a number of significant prizes, including a firearm and other hunting gear.
We strongly encourage hunters to participate in all efforts, as this results in positive management for your wildlife.  Thank you for all you do and see you in the field.  Good luck and good hunting during this 2019 Hunting Season!     

- WGFD -

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