Flaming Gorge Fishery Management

Managing the fishery at Flaming Gorge is a collaborative effort

Flaming Gorge Reservoir spans Wyoming and Utah, and the fishery is co-managed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The popular fishery attracts anglers searching for trophy kokanee salmon and lake trout, with anglers traveling from neighboring states to take advantage of the abundance of lake trout less than 25 inches. Recently kokanee salmon populations have been lower than just a few years ago. The number reduction is likely due to increasing numbers of small lake trout and recent reservoir drawdowns. ​

Please catch and keep small lake trout for the benefit of
trophy lake trout and kokanee salmon populations





​This is just one of the illegally introduced burbot in Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The Green River fisheries crew caught this fish during annual gill netting operations. The burbot has swallowed a rainbow trout whole. 

Sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000, someone or some persons illegally introduced burbot, also known as ling, into the Green River Drainage. The invasive species began showing up in WGFD Green River netting surveys in 2003—their presence has changed area fishing management and opportunities forever. The only way to have some control o burbot is with angler harvest and liberal regulations.

Fishing for illegally transplanted burbot in the Green River drainage has become popular with ice anglers.  Fishery managers have set liberal regulations on burbot to encourage anglers to harvest as many burbot as possible and help suppress these voracious non-native predators.  There is no limit on burbot in Area 4, which includes all of the Green River drainage, including Flaming Gorge, Fontenelle Reservoir and Big Sandy Reservoir.
​You can learn more about catching and cooking burbot by clicking on the attachments below.

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