Access Yes Coordinator Andy Countryman teaches students in Kemmerer proper firearms handling.

Andy is the Access Yes Coordinator in southwest Wyoming and he is also a wonderful hunter education instructor. Andy works with hunters and landowners from the Elk Refuge to Evanston to Tipton-basically everything west of the Continental Divide. The program used to be known as Private Lands/Public Wildlife. The hunting and fishing access program is now called Access Yes and when you donate to this program you are providing access opportunities on lands that would be otherwise inaccessible. Andy has a technician that you will run into this fall if you hunt on one of the HMAs or WIAs. His name is John Gatti.

Bugas Family receives access award

Thank you so much to the Bugas Family!
WGFD Photos, Lucy Wold: The Bugas family and their lands.


Access Yes Coordinator for the southwest region Andy Countryman (above right) along with Mountain View Game Warden Allen Deru (above left) says the southwest quadrant nominated the Bugas family for this year’s Access Recognition Program Award. They are located near Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

The Bugas Family allows access to around 4,000 acres of excellent mule deer, elk, moose, and antelope hunting in Uinta County.  They have been enrolled with the Access Yes Walk-In-Hunting  program since 2003.  They not only enrolled in the program but encouraged neighboring landowners to participate to create one of the best walk in hunting areas in area.

They were also highly instrumental in the development of a second Walk-In- Hunting area in which they have leased lands. Again, the family’s support of the Access Yes program made it an easy sell to neighboring landowners to participate. The new area has been established for 4 years. It has expanded almost every year due to the positive feedback of adjoining landowners and the Bugas family. 

Both of the Walk-In-Hunting access areas provide a lot of opportunity to sportsman from early season archery antelope hunting to late season elk hunting. The areas are popular and avid sportsmen have been highly successful. 

The Bugas family’s willingness to go above and beyond so that hunters and wildlife are successful in Uinta County is shown through their actions. As Wyoming is becoming more and more difficult to hunt due to private land closures, the Bugas family stands out as people whom are trying to continue access and have had a very positive effect on wildlife resources.  They are landowners that are worthy of recognition for their generosity and good stewardship. I have included their contact information below:

Thank you for your support of Wyoming’s hunting and fishing traditions through recognition of those who willingly open their private land to the public.  Without the generosity of these landowners, the passing down of our outdoor heritage may be lost.

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