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2019 Game Check Stations Open Statewide


WGFD Photos: Lucy Wold
Green River hunter Conner Wilkins was able to harvest a mule deer on Cedar Mountain. Conner's hunter education instructor was Brian Taylor, also of Green River. Thanks Brian for teaching our students! Thanks, also to Conner and his father, who took a day off from work to help his son. Remember hunters: Every hunter, angler or trapper entering or leaving areas for which check stations have been established shall stop and report at the check station if the check station is on the route to and from the hutting, trapping or fishing area, even if you were unsuccessful. Thank you!

Southwest Muley Fanatics Foundation Sponsors Carcass Disposal at Green River Transfer Station

Attention hunters!
Muley Fanatic Foundation has sponsored a bin for dumping animal carcasses at the Green River Transfer Station.
- Dump animal carcasses for free
- During normal Transfer Station business hours
- Available through November 2019


Truman and Granger Elementary School Students Learn About Kokanee Salmon in the Green River

Forty first-grade students, their parents and teachers spent the afternoon at the Green River Region Office learning about the life cycle of Kokanee salmon in the Green River and Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The salmon are land-locked and originate in British Columbia. The fish imprint on the river and Gorge and return here when they turn four years of age, to spawn and die. Both females and male Kokanee salmon are red in color with green heads. The males develop a larger green head and the teeth are more pronounced. Upon their death, the fish are fed on by scavengers like Bald eagles. These salmon run twice a year-once in August and September (early run) and a second time in October and November (late run) and can be seen from the water's edge. Please remember it is illegal to snag these fish. In addition, all Kokanee salmon caught in the Gorge from September 10- November 30 shall be released and must be returned to the water immediately.

(Male Kokanee salmon in spawning colors.)              (Female Kokanee salmon in spawning colors)


New Interpretive Signs to Honor Late G&F Fish Division Chief Fowden

New signs along the Greenbelt in the town of Green River were recently installed to honor the late Mark Fowden. Fowden served the Department in many capacities; most notably the Fish Division Assistant Chief and Chief and the Green River Region Fish Supervisor. Mark passed away in 2017, but his legacy lives on. He worked for the WGFD for 39 years and he is sorely missed. Thank you to all the volunteers, Trout Unlimited and Green River G&F personnel who helped install the signs and walkway. If you are in Green River and find yourself walking on the Greenbelt, the sign is located down the hill below the Gazebo and Green River Game and Fish Office.

Hazard tree work to affect access on Forest Road 830 in Sierra Madre this fall; hunters urged to plan accordingly


(SARATOGA, Wyo.) September 5, 2019 – Segments of Forest Road 830 (Deep Jack Road) in the Sierra Madre Range, Medicine Bow National Forest, will be temporarily closed for public safety during roadside hazard tree removal work this fall. Work on the 830 Road is expected to begin any day, pending contractor availability. The closure will impact through traffic, overnight camping, and parking. In order to accommodate use during hunting season, from Sept. 5 - Oct. 31 the road will only be closed to through traffic during the week from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. The road will be open during the week from 5 p.m. - 7 a.m. (Monday evening until Friday morning) and all weekend (Friday at 5 p.m. until Monday at 7 a.m.), including federal holidays. There is lot's more to this story, so please click here to view the map of closure area.
Click this link to read the entire news release.


River Festival fun time for all!



Photos: Lucy Wold, WGFD

Green River Game and Fish personnel helped out at the annual River Festival on the Green River on August 17. This event is hugely popular and features an art contest, shrimp boil, River Walk, dog competitions, marathon, duck race and much more. Green River folks had booths to help people learn more about aquatic invasive species, wildlife that uses the river, local fish species and how primitive peoples used wildlife to live along the river many years ago.

Welcome Phil Damm, Baggs Wildlife Biologist

Baggs Wildlife Biologists Phil Damm has been on the job since the beginning of 2019 and is ready to go for the 2019 hunting seasons. Welcome to Phil and his family!

Cokeville Game Warden Neil Hymas racks up 40 years of service!


Cokeville Game Warden Neil Hymas reached a milestone this month, achieving his 40 year service award. Hymas, in above photo on the left, has worked tirelessly during his career to conserve wildlife and serve people. Among many of his accomplishments during his career was his assistance with the many mule deer research projects going on in the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Herd. Great job, Neil-GF 34!

Southwest Wyoming students attend Camp WILD at the Green River Region Office

Thanks to a donation to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department from the Southwest Muley Fanatics Foundation area students were able to attend Camp WILD without breaking the bank! Students will spend three days learning about their natural environment, wildlife management, careers in the WGFD, archery and much, much more! Thanks to WGFD Cheyenne education staff members Katie Simpson, Seth Anderson and Hannah Dierenzo for helping students learn about wildlife. Green River Region staff also participated in the camp to highlight what they do in their daily wildlife jobs and some of the new technologies biologists are using to monitor wildlife populations.

Baggs Game Warden Kim Olson Receives Awards

Congratulations to Baggs Game Warden Kim Olson for her Green River Region Peer Recognition Award! Olson also received her 15 year service award after coming to Wyoming from Utah, where she worked as a conservation officer. Olson is known for her dedication, tireless work ethic, being a team player and she and her family are important members of their community. Her supervisor regional wildlife supervisor Todd Graham presented Olson with the awards June 17.

Snake and lizard surveys taking place around the region.

Photos: Lucy Wold, WGFD
WGFD Herpetological Coordinator Wendy Estes-Zumpf and her crew, Andy Gygli, Bryna Daykin and Kelsie Buxbaum, conducting snake and lizard research in southwest Wyoming. 


Yes. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department manages over 800 species of wildlife, including snakes and lizards! Because these herps are an important part of the local ecology and all living things are connected, their population, biology and movements are monitored. Please be cautious of snakes when you are out and about in the desert country. You don't need to be afraid of snakes, but you do need to have a healthy respect for them. They live in rock outcroppings with sagebrush vegetation and they eat lizards, small mammals and birds. They have already emerged from their winter dens. Their venom is very poisonous. Keep a close watch on your pets, too. 
Click the video below to see how the snake gets from the bucket into a tube safely so that the crew may collect biological data.

Green River Wildlife Supervisor Todd Graham (right) and Green River Information and Education Specialist Lucy Diggins-Wold assist with the snake surveys. Can you guess who is having the most fun? :) 

Wyoming BioBlitz a Success

The 2019 BioBlitz was held at Bear River State Park, Saturday, June 8. Biologists, families and wildlife watchers gathered together to learn about area wildlife. The BioBlitz is a free, one of a kind opportunity for families, students, and all nature-lovers to learn about plants and wildlife and help scientists survey them.During this weekend-long event, participants teamed up with biologists to search for and document as many plants and animals as possible withing Bear River State Park. rockies.audubon.org/naturalist/bioblitz

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