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Snake and lizard surveys taking place around the region.

Photos: Lucy Wold, WGFD
WGFD Herpetological Coordinator Wendy Estes-Zumpf and her crew, Andy Gygli, Bryna Daykin and Kelsie Buxbaum, conducting snake and lizard research in southwest Wyoming. 


Yes. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department manages over 800 species of wildlife, including snakes and lizards! Because these herps are an important part of the local ecology and all living things are connected, their population, biology and movements are monitored. Please be cautious of snakes when you are out and about in the desert country. You don't need to be afraid of snakes, but you do need to have a healthy respect for them. They live in rock outcroppings with sagebrush vegetation and they eat lizards, small mammals and birds. They have already emerged from their winter dens. Their venom is very poisonous. Keep a close watch on your pets, too. 
Click the video below to see how the snake gets from the bucket into a tube safely so that the crew may collect biological data.

Green River Wildlife Supervisor Todd Graham (right) and Green River Information and Education Specialist Lucy Diggins-Wold assist with the snake surveys. Can you guess who is having the most fun? :) 

Wyoming BioBlitz a Success

The 2019 BioBlitz was held at Bear River State Park, Saturday, June 8. Biologists, families and wildlife watchers gathered together to learn about area wildlife. The BioBlitz is a free, one of a kind opportunity for families, students, and all nature-lovers to learn about plants and wildlife and help scientists survey them.During this weekend-long event, participants teamed up with biologists to search for and document as many plants and animals as possible withing Bear River State Park. rockies.audubon.org/naturalist/bioblitz

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