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Anglers asked to report tagged walleye caught in Buffalo Bill Reservoir

Anglers could receive up to $100 for reporting tagged fish 

4/21/2016 9:24:21 AM

Cody - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking anglers who catch walleye in Buffalo Bill Reservoir west of Cody to participate in a new study by returning information on tagged fish they catch.  A monetary reward is offered on some tags for reporting the information. 

Fisheries Biologist Jason Burckhardt said throughout this spring, fishery crews will capture and tag up to 700 walleye in the reservoir.  “Five hundred of the tags will offer either a $10 or $100 reward,” Burckhardt said.  “Anglers are encouraged to report any tagged walleye captured.”

Tags are yellow, orange or white and are attached to the side of the fish below the dorsal fin. Several fish will have multiple tags, though each fish will have only one reward tag. If a tagged walleye is caught, anglers are asked to call the Cody Game and Fish office at 307-527-7125  or the phone number provided on the tag.  To receive the monetary reward, anglers must submit the reward tags to the Cody Region Game and Fish office.  

Burckhardt said the study is designed to determine angler harvest and walleye population size and survival.  More tagging is planned for next year.

(Jason Burckhardt 307-527-7125)

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