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Sunshine Reservoirs boat docks in the water

April 29, 2020
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Cody - The boat docks at Upper and Lower Sunshine Reservoirs west of Meeteetse are now in the water and ready for use.

Habitat and Access Supervisor Brad Sorensen said the docks are removed from the water in late fall or early winter before ice-over occurs as part of routine seasonal maintenance.  Docks are placed back in the water when ice-off occurs for the enjoyment of boaters and anglers.

Because water levels in the reservoirs fluctuate, the wedge-shaped docks often need adjusted to the appropriate water depth. Habitat and Access crews accomplish this by moving the docks with a winch and pickup.   If you notice that a dock needs adjustment, call the Cody Game and Fish Regional office at 307-527-7125.  Anglers and boaters are asked not to attempt to move them on their own.

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