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Big Horn Basin landowners recognized for their commitment to hunting access

December 20, 2019
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Cody - Darrell Horton of Greybull and Duane Horton of Otto were recently recognized and presented with an Access Recognition award at the Wyoming Stock Growers Association awards luncheon in Casper.

The program honors Wyoming landowners who provide access to or through their lands to hunters and anglers.  Each year, the Wyoming Board of Agriculture and the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission partner to recognize four landowners who contribute significantly to the hunting and fishing tradition of the Cowboy State. In addition to recognition at the winter Stock Growers Association luncheon, each landowner will receive a check for $2,000.

The Horton’s have each been involved in the Access Yes program for fourteen years and have much of their property enrolled as Walk-In Areas in several locations between Greybull and Burlington.

Access Coordinator Jordan Winter nominated the father-son team for the award.  “The Horton’s balance farming interests with wildlife and allow for public access through the Walk-in Area program,” Winter said  “With a combined total of approximately 1600 acres, the Horton’s provide hunting access for mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, waterfowl, sandhill crane, dove and rabbit hunting September through February.”

“The Horton’s access has been invaluable for the public. The hunters I talk to, even though not always successful in hunting, have always expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to hunt the Walk-In Area,” Winter said. 

Funding for the Access Recognition Program is provided by the sale of commissioner licenses and donations made specifically in support of the award. 

Photo: (Left to right) Wyoming Game and Fish Department Deputy Director John Kennedy, Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioner Pete Dube, Game and Fish Access Coordinator Jordon Winter, Darrel Horton, Wyoming Department of Agriculture Director Doug Miyamoto, Game and Fish Chief of Wildlife Division Rick King and Wyoming Stock Growers Association Executive Vice President Jim Magagna.

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