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AIS check stations at Glendo and Manville close late November

November 07, 2023
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Casper - Aquatic invasive species (AIS) check stations in Manville and Glendo remain open during daylight hours to accommodate boaters making the most of the boating and fishing season for several more weeks. The check stations will close for the 2023 season in late November.

“We want to thank everyone for their cooperation this summer in our efforts to prevent the spread of these destructive mussels,” said Game and Fish Regional AIS Specialist Eric Hansen. “With everyone working together, we can hopefully prevent the introduction and spread of AIS in Wyoming waterways. The participation of watercraft users is paramount to slowing the spread of Zebra and Quagga mussels into new water systems in the west.”

Boaters can find check station information and check station hours online.

Wyoming law requires any watercraft entering the state from Mar. 1 through Nov. 30 each year to be inspected for AIS before launching in Wyoming and also requires inspection of any watercraft that was last on an infested water regardless of the time of year. If your watercraft requires an inspection and you do not encounter an open check station on your route, please contact the Casper Regional Game and Fish Office at 307-473-3400 to arrange an inspection.


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