Hunter Management Areas / Medicine-Butte

Medicine Butte Hunter Management Area - 2022

Permission Slip Options: Medicine Butte Hunter Management Area(HMA) has been consolidated into the Bear River Divide Hunter Management Area (HMA) starting in 2021. Please refer to the Bear River Divide HMA ranch rules and obtain a Bear River Divide HMA permission slip to hunt lands previously enrolled in the Medicine Butte HMA.

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General HMA Information

The Medicine-Butte Hunter Management Area (HMA) is located north of Evanston, and is comprised of private and/or leased lands of Faddis Family.

Each hunter must possess an appropriate permission slip and vehicle pass for the time period and type(s) of animal they are hunting before entering the HMA.

Each Hunter Management Area has a unique set of ranch rules. It is the hunter’s responsibility to know, understand, and comply with the ranch rules in order to utilize the HMA. Failure to comply is a violation of Game and Fish Commission Regulations and may result in fines, the termination of access privileges, and/or other legal penalties. Hunters should abide by the ranch rules and respect the landowner and the land for continued access opportunities. Remember, we are guests on their property!

The Wyoming Game & Fish Department commends these participating ranches for their contributions to wildlife management and hunter access.

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