Get approval to collect roadkill

You need approval from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department before you can collect roadkill deer, elk, antelope, moose, bison or wild turkey. Read the regulation here.
You can request approval on a incident-by-incident basis through the 511 WYO ROADS mobile app:

Wyoming 511 App - Roadkill Collection Tutorial:


Your safety is a priority!


Collecting roadkill wildlife can be dangerous, so Game and Fish urges you to do so safely. Never try to collect roadkill if there is traffic on the highway. The department has prioritized your safety with the roadkill collection rules. Remember:

  • Roadkill cannot be collected on on Interstate 25, Interstate-80 or Interstate-90 
  • No one can collect roadkill at night; it must be daylight.
  • You can’t collect roadkill within construction areas or national parks in Wyoming.
  • Parking off the road is required, and you must turn on your vehicle’s emergency flashers.
  • Field dressing is not allowed on the roadway.



A. You can still use the Wyoming 511 app without cell service to request permission to collect roadkill. You can download the app now for use later. 
A. No. No one is authorized to euthanize an injured animal under these regulations.
A. No. The whole animal must be collected; not just the desired parts.  All Chronic Wasting Disease carcass removal and disposal protocol must be followed. All carcasses must be  properly disposed of in an approved landfill or incinerator.
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