Resident Lifetime License and Lifetime Conservation Stamp

Qualification for license:
To be eligible for a game bird, small game,fishing or archery lifetime license you must be a resident who has continuously resided in Wyoming for at least 10 years immediately preceding the date of application. W.S. 23-2-101(a)

There are no qualifications for a lifetime conservation stamp. Any person may obtain a lifetime conservation stamp.

Resident License Fee
Game bird and small game - $311.00.
Game bird and small game with conservation stamp - $496.50.
Game bird, fishing and small game only - $496.00.
Game bird, fishing and small game with conservation stamp - $681.50.
Fishing only - $311.00.
Fishing with conservation stamp - $496.50.
Archery - $208.00

Resident or Nonresident Lifetime Stamp Fee
Conservation stamp only - $185.50.

Personal checks will be accepted from Wyoming residents to purchase the lifetime license. Nonresidents must submit a certified check, cashier's check or money order to purchase a lifetime conservation stamp. No two party checks will be accepted.

Once a resident lifetime license is issued it cannot be upgraded or changed to add any other privilege. Once issued, it cannot be changed. Additional privileges may be purchased separately.

If you do not purchase a lifetime conservation stamp, an annual conservation stamp must be purchased each year.

License Expiration:
The license is valid for the life of the license holder.

License Issuance:
Licenses are issued only at headquarters in Cheyenne or at Wyoming Game and Fish Department Regional Offices located in JACKSON, PINEDALE, CODY, SHERIDAN, GREEN RIVER, LARAMIE, LANDER, or CASPER. In addition, applications can be mailed to any of the regional offices or the headquarters office. Allow 15 business days from the day you mail your request for processing and receipt of your license.

Resident Lifetime License and Lifetime Conservation Stamp Application
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