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The Game Warden Exam is being offered in anticipation of filling several vacant game warden positions around the state.  See below for minimum qualifications and application details or obtain a printable copy here.

Wyoming statute requires law enforcement positions (game warden, senior game warden and regional access coordinator) be selected based on competitive examination.  Passing the examination does not guarantee the applicant will be offered an interview. Candidates will be selected for interviews based on a combination of factors including overall test scores, number of credit hours in hands-on wildlife courses, grades/transcripts, job suitability profiling, and a Life History Questionnaire.  No single factor will be used to select interview candidates; however, there are some factors that could lead to automatic disqualification.  This could include, but may not be limited to, conviction of a felony, conviction of a misdemeanor for domestic violence, the use of marijuana within the last year, the use of other illegal drugs (such as cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, etc.) within the last 5 years, or major wildlife violations.  Additionally, the online examination is a closed book exam and testing integrity will be verified through additional means including, but not limited to, polygraph examination. Any deceitful act identified will be grounds for disqualification of a potential job offer.
Minimum Exam Qualifications
  • A Bachelor’s degree in wildlife management, range management, biology, zoology, ichthyology or other closely related field.  Other bachelor’s degrees may be accepted in combination with relevant natural resource work experience. 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States prior to attendance at WLEA (see below). 
  • If you have not currently completed college coursework at the baccalaureate level in wildlife management, biology, zoology or other closely related field, you must submit a letter from your college authority stating you are expected to receive your degree by April 1, 2020. 
Principal Duties/Responsibilities:  Primary responsibilities include wildlife management, data collection and analysis, enforcement of game and fish laws and regulations, evaluation of damage to crops and livestock by wildlife, and acting as local liaison between the department and the public.  A substantial amount of training and all equipment is provided.  Please view a short video from Director Brian Nesvik regarding Wyoming game wardens at
Law Enforcement Requirements:  Upon employment, individuals must complete a 14-week Peace Officer Basic Training Course at the Wyoming State Law Enforcement Academy (WLEA) in April 2020.  Please review the WLEA’s physical fitness assessment standards (available at “Basic Programs-Physical Fitness Assessment”) to assure with or without reasonable accommodation, you are able to meet the requirements.
Salary:   Monthly salary varies depending upon duty assignment, ranging from:
  • Game Warden - $3,709.09 - $5,735.70
  • Senior Game Warden and Regional Access Coordinator - $4,839.86 - $7,484.33
DEADLINE:  DEC. 2, 2020


Submit your State of Wyoming Application and Transcripts online at
 NOTE:  Although the application deadline is Dec. 2, 2019, early application is recommended to avoid delay in receiving exam instructions and results and consideration for an online interview.
Submit transcripts Transcripts showing completion of appropriate coursework must be submitted for review to determine if candidate meets Minimum Exam Qualifications (see above).
Please upload your transcripts at the time you submit your State of Wyoming Application (#1 above).
3. Wait for notification Once your application and transcripts have been reviewed, you will be notified via email whether you qualify to take the exam.  If so, you will receive instructions on how to proceed with taking your online Wyoming Game Warden Examination.
4. Prepare for exam Suggested study materials and sample test questions are attached to this document.   
5. Take exam Take the exam online as instructed in your letter.  Exams will be graded and applicant notified via email of results and further instructions.
Upon passing the exam, you will be instructed to complete a Life History Questionnaire and job suitability assessment.  The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will review all documents to determine which candidates will be offered an online interview.  Passing the examination does not guarantee the applicant will be offered an interview. Your testing documents will remain valid until the next examination announcement is published.
Subsequently, candidates who are selected to continue with the hiring process after the online interview will be required to attend an oral board interview in person January 6-10, 2020 at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  This will also include a mandatory polygraph test, psychological evaluation, and signing background investigation release forms.  All testing results are valid for the current testing cycle only.
Preference will be given to applicants with at least 20 hours of coursework towards a wildlife-related degree as evidenced on required transcripts. 
For additional information contact:     Email:
                                                                 Phone:      307-777-4585 or 307-777-4684
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, State of Wyoming is an EEO/ADA employer.  As an EEO/ADA employer, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department actively supports the ADA and reasonably accommodates qualified applicants with disabilities.



  ject Matter
  1. WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT (especially big game, upland game, migratory birds, western wildlife species)
    1. General knowledge–all species–wildlife habitats, food habits, life histories, management techniques, etc.
    2. Data collection methods and data analysis
    3. Current wildlife diseases affecting western wildlife resources
    4. Species identification - western wildlife
  2. FISH
    1. General knowledge – cold and warm water species, distribution, identification, etc.
    2. Limnology
  3. LAW
    1. Legal terminology
    2. General knowledge of federal and state wildlife laws (i.e. Wyoming Statutes Titles 23 and 41)
    3. Wyoming Hunting/ Fishing/ Trapping Regulations
  4. OTHER
    1. Federal aid programs (Pittman-Robertson, Dingle-Johnson)
    2. Western protected, threatened or endangered species of wildlife
    3. Map reading – section, range, township, acreages, UTMs, land status, etc.
    4. Boating safety and terminology
    5. General hunting, fishing, and trapping knowledge
    6. Communication skills (written and verbal) and public relations
    7. General firearms, archery equipment knowledge

Suggested Reading

  • U.S. Coast Guard regulations/basic boating information - This information can be obtained from several locations including:
  • Any current wildlife management text book
  • State-approved basic hunter safety course
  • Various animal identification field guides (i.e. Peterson or Audubon)
  • Wyoming Statutes Titles 23 and 41
  • Wyoming Game and Fish website – including:
    • Wildlife/fish diseases, current wildlife issues, WY hunting/fishing/trapping regulations
    • Bison, bear, mountain lion and fish identification exams/quizzes (
Sample Test Questions
Types of questions: Multiple Choice, True/False, Animal ID, etc.
1. In Wyoming, which one of the following animals is listed as a small game animal:
      A.  Bobcat       B.  Pheasant                   C. Cottontail Rabbit             D. Raccoon
2. You may experience a map question requiring you to determine the number of acres within a particular section of a township, and other map-related questions.
3. Two big game animals that are primarily grazers include:  (Answer options will be provided)
                                                              and ____________________ .

This information is general and is only meant to assist you in preparing for the examination. Answers to many questions will depend upon your general overall knowledge of western wildlife species, wildlife management, wildlife law enforcement, and watercraft safety.


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