Dayton Game Warden Dustin Shorma Named 2015 Wyoming Peace Officer of the Year

The Wyoming Peace Officer Association (WPOA) has named Dayton Senior Game Warden Dustin Shorma the 2015 Peace Officer of the Year.
The Peace Officer of the Year award is given to a peace officer who provides outstanding services to his department, community and himself and has a major impact on law enforcement in Wyoming.  Shorma was nominated by his peers for his unmatched effectiveness, dedication, work ethic, leadership, perseverance, attitude and professionalism as a Wyoming Game Warden.  Shorma received the award during the 88th Annual Wyoming Peace Officers Association Conference in Rawlins in August.
Shorma began his career with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in May, 1999, as a Biologist I in Jackson working with large carnivores.  In the fall of 1999 Shorma began a series of jobs working as an enforcement aide in the Jackson, Green River and Pinedale Regions.  Much of this time was spent on boating safety and enforcement.  In September, 2001, Shorma was promoted to Game Warden Trainee in the Jackson-Pinedale area.  He served in that capacity until he was appointed to the Newcastle Game Warden District in September, 2002 as a Senior Game Warden.  In the fall of 2010, Shorma transferred to the West Casper Game Warden district and was stationed in Casper, until becoming the Dayton Game Warden in August, 2011. 
Game Warden duties vary widely.  A game warden must possess self-motivation, a strong work ethic, efficiency, tenacity, patience, and fairness.  According to the nomination letter, “Few are aware of his achievements however, as warden Shorma remains humble, never drawing attention to himself.  He never seeks recognition for his efforts and strives to do his job to the best of his abilities.  Those who have been fortunate enough to work with Shorma all say that he is one of the hardest working game wardens in the state.”
Shorma demonstrates his dedication to his fellow game wardens by serving as an instructor and training officer.  He was a Custody & Control Instructor for 12 years, and was responsible for teaching his fellow wardens the latest hands-on skill sets and case law.  Shorma took this opportunity seriously, and incorporated real life scenarios to simulate a realistic training environment.   In his current role as a Field Training Officer, Shorma is responsible for training newly hired game wardens on various topics of wildlife law enforcement, landowner and public relations, and a multitude of other topics.  He continuously seeks additional training and attends advanced schools, which keep him on the cutting edge of his craft. 
“Dustin’s professionalism and the way he carries himself every day is reflective of the character and dedication of all wardens. He has truly earned this award and I congratulate him,” said the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Chief Game Warden Brian Nesvik.
Shorma’s work ethic and friendly demeanor have gained him the respect and appreciation of landowners throughout his district.  His relationships with landowners are a model for other employees to imitate.  He has the natural ability to work in the face of adversity building public support for responsible wildlife management. 
Above and beyond his regular duties, Shorma works with local youth by teaching hunter safety courses, assisting in career development  and school science fairs, as well as 4-H projects at the county fair.
Founded in 1923, the WPOA is dedicated to the men and women of Wyoming Law Enforcement.  Past game wardens to be named Peace Officer of the Year include Jim Johnston, Pete Muchmore, Steve Smith, Paul Breed, Lin Bashford and Chris Teter.
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