JON STEPHENS

            North Jackson Senior Game Warden

North Jackson Senior Game Warden Jon Stephens is truly one of the finest officers to have ever worn the Wyoming game warden badge.  The traditions of the Wyoming game warden are sustained at the highest level by his work performance.  Jon’s integrity is unsurpassed in the eyes of the community he serves and his dedication to the protection and conservation of all wildlife is undeniable.  There is no hiding Jon’s passion for wildlife management and he has proven to be a relentless law enforcement officer in pursuit of wildlife violators.
As a nearly 20-year veteran Wyoming game warden, Jon truly mentors and inspires younger wardens with his work ethic, dedication to the wildlife resource and service to the public. He takes pride in his abilities to manage wildlife and solve complex wildlife issues in the community. His constant pursuit of wildlife violators sets the bar for Wyoming game wardens statewide, yet he rarely seeks recognition for his efforts. Jon’s hard work is evident to all who know and work with him. 
Jon constantly seeks new and innovative ways to solve wildlife issues in his area of responsibility.  It is rare when his landowners are not satisfied with his efforts to solve wildlife conflicts and work towards long-term solutions.

Warden Stephens is the firearms instructor for both the Pinedale and Jackson regions and works hard to ensure law enforcement training is of the highest caliber.  He routinely goes above and beyond what is required to make firearms training meaningful and relevant, ensuring our officers have the greatest chance of coming home safely should a deadly force situation present itself during the performance of their duties.
While being a highly skilled investigator focused on apprehending wildlife criminals, Jon also has the remarkable ability to recognize when a situation warrants a heavy-handed approach, such as a chronic wildlife violator, as opposed to a lighter educational experience wherein the benefit of the doubt is given and a valuable leaning experience ensues.  
Jon is an excellent mentor to newer game wardens. He puts forth a tremendous effort to help new game wardens achieve success and understand everything Wyoming expects them to be. Thanks to Jon’s influence and guidance, new game wardens are exposed to the skills they need to be successful in their first warden district. 
Warden Stephens’ ability to communicate with the diverse and complex community in Teton County is unsurpassed.  He is a true wildlife professional who has the ability to resolve wildlife conflicts without compromising his conviction to the wildlife resource. Jon’s warden district involves some of the most controversial and complex wildlife issues in the state. His extraordinary ability to make objective decisions and apply realistic solutions to difficult management issues has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Department.

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