2021 Shikar Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year

                        JORDAN KRAFT

            So. Pinedale Game Warden

Jordan Kraft, South Pinedale Game Warden, has served the Department for nearly 20 years - consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic based on a foundation of integrity and dedication to Wyoming’s wildlife resource and the public.
Jordan’s district includes landscapes ranging from high-desert sagebrush, to the high peaks of the Bridger Wilderness with countless lakes, streams and agricultural areas in between.  This diverse district provides valuable habitat to wildlife, and attracts hunters, anglers, and other wildlife enthusiasts from around the world.  Jordan does an excellent job representing the Department while addressing challenging, often contentious, issues such as energy production, migration corridors, elk feedgrounds, Chronic Wasting Disease, brucellosis, and sage grouse sensitivities.   Whether it is protected nongame wildlife such as burrowing owls, or trophy elk and mule deer, he takes an active role in the management and protection of all wildlife and the habitat that supports them.
Jordan takes a team approach to handling various law enforcement and wildlife management issues in his district, and is always willing to help others in need.  Even when his workloads are high, he willingly assists others with damage, law enforcement, and wildlife management tasks throughout the region on a regular basis.  For the last several years, Jordan has assisted the Nongame Section in meeting their objectives with burrrowing owl surveys.  He plays an active role in many committees and working groups including Chronic Wasting Disease and Elk Feedgrounds, and co-chairs the Department’s internal Pronghorn Working Group.  He is also a valued member of the Wildlife Division’s game warden recruitment and interview process.
Throughout his career, Jordan has consistently demonstrated a relentless, yet fair law enforcement approach.  The diversity of his district requires enforcement attention ranging from fishing and waterfowl enforcement to extended trips into the backcountry for fishing and big game hunting patrols.  On any given day, he may be working from a boat on one of the lakes in his district, or on horseback in the Bridger Wilderness, miles from civilization.  Dividing his attention between these activities is tricky but he always manages to keep potential violators guessing.  With multiple high-profile cases throughout his career, Jordan has developed a reputation for relentless case investigations. In what may appear to be a dead-end case, Jordan refuses to give up and relies on patience and meticulous attention to detail - often transforming a case with little evidence into a successful conviction.
Building strong working relationships with fellow employees, landowners, sportsmen and other agencies has allowed Jordan to successfully tackle difficult and sensitive challenges on a regular basis.  These relationships often result in helpful tips in poaching investigations and a earned level of trust and public support for wildlife management decisions.
Jordan maintains the values and work ethic of the traditional Wyoming game warden, while remaining open and adaptable to changing times.  He is a devoted wildlife professional with abundant enthusiasm for the game warden profession and reverence for Wyoming’s wildlife resources. 

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