2018 Shikar Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year

Grant Gerharter
South Cody Game Warden


South Cody Game Warden Grant Gerharter has been selected as the 2019 Shikar-Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year. Grant is an extremely dedicated and passionate employee who works tirelessly to protect Wyoming’s wildlife resource.  He is a staunch advocate for the wildlife resource, sportsmen and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. 

An accomplished horseman, Grant spends a great deal of time in his district’s remote and vast back country. This has also earned him the respect of sportsmen and the outfitters in the area.  They have learned that they never know when he will show up.  Many also think he is always watching.  His law enforcement effort is exemplary.  Violators and would-be perpetrators have come to respect his relentless and thorough but fair approach.  His outstanding investigative and interview skills are used to solve wildlife crimes that otherwise might not ever be solved. 

He has spent a great deal of time assisting his wildlife biologist with putting out trail cameras and picking up various GPS collars that have dropped off animals in very remote locations in his warden district.  Much of this work is done horseback in very remote and rugged country.  The information learned from this research helps the department better understand wildlife migration corridors, sex and age ratios of migrating elk and population estimates. 

Juggling wildlife damage, enforcement, wildlife management, public education, large carnivores and other aspects of a busy district can be tricky.   However, Grant’s attitude is always described as positive and polite with his work approach being fair and flexible.
Whether it is volunteering for a task force, assisting another work unit, building relationships, handling trophy game conflicts, finding ways to maintain healthy big game populations in his district or considering how he can best meet the needs of his constituents, you can count on Grant. 

Warden Gerharter will be recognized and presented his award at the March 2019 Commission Meeting.
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