2020 Shikar Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year

                        Kyle Lash

            So. Jackson Game Warden

Kyle’s passion for managing and protecting Wyoming’s wildlife resources is undeniable and clearly evident to anyone who has met him.  He is a true spokesman for all wildlife, the community he serves, and the game warden career. 
He is a genuine wildlife professional who has an extraordinary ability to make objective decisions and apply realistic solutions to difficult management issues.  Kyle’s warden district involves some of the most controversial and complex wildlife issues in the state.  He constantly seeks new and innovative ways to solve these issues.  He routinely goes above and beyond what is required to assist landowners dealing with big game damage, and assists numerous hunters in their quest to harvest game animals causing damage, creating a win-win situation for all. 
His constant pursuit of wildlife violators sets the bar for Wyoming game wardens statewide, yet he rarely seeks recognition for his efforts.   Kyle is a skilled investigator and highly focused on apprehending wildlife criminals. In addition, he has the remarkable ability to recognize when a situation warrants a heavy-handed approach to a chronic wildlife violator, or a lighter educational experience where the benefit of the doubt is given and a valuable learning experience takes place.
As a 10-year veteran Wyoming game warden, Kyle truly mentors and inspires younger wardens with his work ethic, dedication to the wildlife resource and service to the public. Kyle takes pride in his abilities to manage wildlife and solve complex wildlife issues in the community and statewide. Kyle’s ability to mentor others is extraordinary. On numerous occasions, I have observed Kyle take new game wardens under his wing and teach them the skills and trade tactics of a Wyoming game warden. He puts forth a tremendous effort to help new game wardens achieve success and understand everything Wyoming expects them to be. Thanks to Kyle’s influence and guidance, new game wardens who spend time in the Jackson region are exposed to the skills they need to be successful in their first warden district. 
The traditions of the Wyoming game warden are sustained at the highest level by the professional and respectful manner in which he interacts with landowners, sportsmen and the public.  Kyle’s integrity is unsurpassed in the eyes of the community he serves and his dedication to the protection and conservation of all wildlife in the South Jackson warden district is ever evident.

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