Super Tag Winners Stories

Rock Springs hunter takes second-largest mountain goat ever harvested in Wyoming

Will Russell, a hunter from Rock Springs, Wyoming, and the 2015 Wyoming Game and Fish Department Super Tag mountain goat winner, harvested the second-largest mountain goat ever taken in Wyoming

Punching His Super Bison Tag

They only draw one ticket out of the hat, so I bought one ticket for each drawing for the 2015 Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s second annual Super Tag raffle.


The 2015 Super Tag Trifecta Winner, Ben Jackson

The Wyoming’s Super Tag Trifecta raffle allows the winner to hunt three such species in a single season! The lucky few who win the Trifecta are set up for experiencing the ultimate western big game hunting adventure.


Avid Hunter Puts His Super Tag to Work 

From very early on Alan Ennis was an avid hunter. For him it has always been about testing himself against the wits of his prey, the weather and the terrain. For Alan, hunting is more about a fair chase, a successful stalk and a good time spent with family and friends. Finding and taking an excellent mule deer buck has been a lifelong goal as fleeting as the animal itself.

Wyoming Super Tag Raffle Leads to Record Book Bison

The vast roaming herds, which could number in the tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands, were a spectacle of nature and an icon of the unsettled West.

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