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2016 Super Tag Winners

Campagna-2016-Super-Tag-Sheep Curits-Fish-2016-Super-Tag-Bison Elms-2016-Super-Tag-Trifeca-Moose Ems-2016-Trifecta-Ram EMS-Elk-2 John-Lind-Super-Tag-Bull Rizzi-2016-Super-Tag-Mule-Deer-Buck-2 Taroli-2016-Super-Tag-Antelope Winters-Mt Erck-Oberg-2017-Super-Tag-Elk

2015 Super Tag Winners

SuperTag15_Ant_pic SuperTag15_Bison_pic SuperTag15_Deer_pic SuperTag15_Elk_pic SuperTag15_Goat_pic SuperTag15_TriGoat_pic SuperTag15_TriMoose_pic SuperTag15_TriSheep_pic

2014 Super Tag Winners

SuperTag14_Sheep_pic1 SuperTag14_Bison_pic1 SuperTag14_Moose_pic1 SuperTag14_Goat_pic1 SuperTag14_Ant_pic1 SuperTag14_Deer_pic1 SuperTag14_Elk_pic1 SuperTag14_Goat_pic1 SuperTag14_Trifecta_pic1

2015 Super Tag Trifecta Winner, Ben Jackson

Wyoming's Supertags and super Tag Trifecta raffles offer hunters a chance at hunting some the state's harder to draw species. Just ask Laramie resident Ben Jackson--who had perhaps the best year hunting of anybody nationwide.

Rock Springs hunter takes second-largest mountain goat ever harvested in Wyoming

Will Russell, a hunter from Rock Springs, Wyoming, and the 2015 Wyoming Game and Fish Department Super Tag mountain goat winner, harvested the second-largest mountain goat ever taken in Wyoming.

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