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Wyoming remains one of the most sought-after hunting destinations in the West. And there’s a reason--it’s good hunting.

Some notes for your 2018 trip afield: fire danger is high, so check with the land management authorities on any restrictions. Also, Game and Fish is focusing on chronic wasting disease and brucellosis monitoring efforts. Hunters can help with these by donating lymph node and blood samples at check stations. Thanks for your help.

With all the species and associated hunt areas, we sure can’t mention every detail. But, here’s a few that hopefully give some insights into 2018.

Requirements to Hunt

What do you need to hunt in Wyoming. From blaze orange requirements to FAQs we have the answers here.

Hunt Planner

Our hunt planner is full of information including season dates, harvest information, interactive maps, GeoPDF's and KML files to help you navigate your hunt area.

Hunting Access

Nearly half of Wyoming is federal public land and Wyoming (state) owned lands total another 5.6%. These links will show you all of our public access opportunities.

Field Dressing & Transportation

How to field dress your harvest and what do you do to transport it in and out of Wyoming.


These regulations cover various aspects of hunting rules that pertain to big game, trophy game, game bird and small game hunting.

Contact Info

Contact information for local game wardens, biologists and regional offices. Call us with any questions you have.

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