How to apply for a license online

Please note: once you have added applications to your shopping cart and you are ready to pay for your purchases, you will be redirected to our credit card vendor’s site to enter your payment information. If the settings on your computer do not allow you to redirect to another website (which many work computers do not allow) do not attempt to enter applications. You will need to be on a computer that allows you to leave the Department’s website and be redirected to the credit card vendor’s website to complete your applications.

Step 1:  Click on Red "Apply or Buy" Button

Step 2:  Click on Red "Apply for Licenses" Button on the left side of the screen

Step 3:  Log in or Create a Username and Password

Step 4:  Welcome Page

Read the “Welcome” page and click on any links you need to get all of your information gathered and organized.  At a minimum, you will need to know:
  • Your sportsperson ID number and date of birth (DOB) OR last name, DOB, mailing zip code and the last four (4) digits of one of the following items:
    1. social security number
    2. tax identification number (United States legal aliens)
    3. passport number (foreign visitors)
  • If you are a resident or a nonresident.
  • Which drawing you are applying for.  If you are a nonresident and applying for elk, deer or antelope, decide whether you are applying for a special drawing and whether you want to apply with the preference point option.
  • What hunt area and type is your first choice, second choice and third choice, if applicable.
  • If you are planning on donating to Search & Rescue and/or Access Yes.
  • Your credit card number and other card information that may be required.
  • If applying as a party member, your party ID number.
Now click on the “I have collected my information and am ready to begin” button.

Step 5: Notice - Refund Policy and Credit Card Charges

Fully read and understand the refund policy by clicking Refund Policy in the second paragraph and click on "Accept" at the bottom of the box to acknowledge that we will immediately charge your credit card for the full amount of the license plus the application fee and any donations.  

Step 6:  Sportsperson Login

All applicants are required to provide the last four (4) digits of their social security number to apply for a license or participate in limited quota drawings.
Section 466(13)(A) of the Social Security Act mandates states have in effect a requirement for the social security number of any applicant for a recreational license to be recorded on the application. The Act does not require the social security number be printed on the face of the license, but does require the number be kept on file at the agency. This provision of the act is to allow for the matching of child support obligors with license holders.
The Department of Health and Human Services has approved an exemption that allows the Department to only capture the last four (4) digits of the social security number, instead of the entire number, to comply with the federal requirements to provide the social security number of a hunting or fishing license purchaser. This exemption is valid until December 31, 2020.
The Department will not print the social security number on any license document. It will not be accessible on any Department internet license application or sale system. Any uses of the social security number will be limited to the last four (4) digits. The Department will not disclose the social security number to any entity, except to the Department of Family Services, as required for child support enforcement.  The sportsperson identification number will continue to be the number printed on licenses, not the social security number.
Individuals who do not have a social security number will be required to provide one of the following alternate identification numbers:
  1. Resident aliens will be required to provide their Tax Identification Number (TIN). This means a person who is not a U.S. citizen who is in our country on a VISA working for a company earning a paycheck or attending college (also known as Resident Alien Card, Green card or Student VISA).
  2. International foreign visitors will be required to provide their Passport Identification Number.
If you have preference points or have applied before, you should be in our customer database.  Simply enter your sportsperson ID and date of birth (DOB).  If you do not know your sportsperson ID or are a new customer, select the “I have forgotten my sportsperson ID” button. You will be provided with an input screen to enter your last name, DOB, and the zip code (the last mailing zip code we would have on file for you) and the last four (4) digits of your social security number, tax identification number or passport number.
If you are a current customer in our database but have not provided your social security number in the past, you will be provided with an input screen to enter the last four (4) digits of your social security number, tax identification number or passport number.
If you are certain that you have previously submitted applications or purchased licenses and cannot login to our system, please contact the Department at 307-777-4600 for further assistance.  DO NOT create a new customer record.

Step 7:  Add, Review, and Update Personal Information

If you are a returning sportsperson, please review and update your address and your personal data elements on your customer record. 


All customer information can be updated with the exception of your name and date of birth. If either of these is incorrect, please contact the Department at 307-777-4600 for further instructions.


If you are a new sportsperson, please fill out the required information on the screen.


Are You a Wyoming Resident? 

Using the drop down button located on the top left of the screen, choose the appropriate response as per Wyoming Statute § 23-1-102(a)(ix) and Wyoming Statute § 23-1-107.
If you are a Wyoming Resident, you are required to comply with Wyoming Statute § 23-1-102(a)(ix) Wyoming Statute § 23-1-107 by:
  1. Reading the Wyoming state statutes listed in the box.
  2. Clicking the ”I swear, under penalty of prosecution, that I am a Wyoming resident as defined by Wyoming Statute § 23-1-102(a)(ix) and Wyoming Statute § 23-1-107” check box.
  3. Providing either your continuous years of residency or days active duty military as defined in Wyoming state statutes.
  4. Providing your current Wyoming driver’s license, Wyoming state ID or complete the online affidavit, all in accordance with Wyoming state statutes.
  5. Active duty military applicants must complete the Wyoming Proof of Residency Affidavit for themselves, their spouse and their minor children.

Step 8: Hunting Applications Selection

Choose the drawing and species from the list available to you.  The list is displayed based on your age, residency, open application dates, and applicable waiting period limitations on moose and full price bighorn sheep and restrictions for mountain goat and wild bison.

Step 9: Application Type Selection

At this point you must choose whether you want to apply as an “individual,” a “party organizer” (meaning you are the first applicant to submit an application for the party) or as a “party member” (meaning you want to join an existing online party).
A party is a group of hunters who apply for hunting licenses for the same species, hunt area and type, with the expectation of receiving the same drawing results. All applicants in a party are assigned the same random number; therefore, they receive the same drawing results. Applicants who do not apply as a party are assigned individual random numbers. Applying as a party does not increase the drawing odds. The maximum party size is six (6).
Party applications will be accepted for all big game licenses, except moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat or bison.
Residents and nonresidents MAY NOT apply together as a party.
  • Individual – simply click individual, go to step 9 and fill out the application.
  • Party Organizer – Choose party organizer and click “enter.”  The next screen will show you your party ID.  The party ID includes the last name of the organizer AND the six digit assigned number. You will have to give this party ID to the members of your party.  It is required that they know and use the party ID when they apply to successfully join your party.  After you write down the party ID, click “enter” to go to step 9 and fill out the application.
  • Party Member – If you choose “party member,” you must enter in the party ID previously created by the party organizer. Party IDs have no spaces or special characters.  Once you enter the party ID, you will be taken to the application screen, but will not be able to change the hunt area or type since party applications are required to have the same species, drawing (special vs. regular), hunt area and type as the party organizer.

Step 10: Fill Out the Application (select hunt area and type, if applicable)

After choosing the drawing and species, you will need to provide specific information, including hunt area, type, preference point purchase (if applicable), withdrawal block (if applicable) and quantity (if applicable).  If you applied as a “party member,” you will NOT be allowed to change the species, drawing, hunt area or type.

Step 11: Voluntary Access Yes Donation

Access Yes is a program created to maintain and enhance public access for hunting and fishing. Access Yes is funded by voluntary contributions from hunters and anglers dedicated exclusively for improving public hunting and fishing opportunities in the state. Access Yes donations are only used to provide hunting and fishing access onto private and landlocked public lands. The Access Yes program is in response to numerous requests that the Department address the difficulties of finding places to hunt and fish.
The online transaction provides the opportunity for you to designate any whole dollar amount you wish to contribute when applying for a license.
Donating to the program does not provide or imply that access will be granted to any private land that is not enrolled in the Department’s Access Yes Program. If you would like more information on this program, please call (307) 777-4600.

Step 12: Voluntary Search and Rescue Donation

Wyoming statutes provide for a voluntary donation to be utilized for Search and Rescue activities in the state. This donation will be used solely to defray costs of search and rescue operations. These funds are transferred to the Wyoming Emergency Management Agency for search and rescue operations. As these activities benefit hunters and anglers, the Department encourages your participation in this program. This donation is in addition to other license fees.
The online transaction provides the opportunity for you to designate any whole dollar amount of $2 or more that you wish to contribute when applying for a license.

Step 13: Voluntary Wildlife Crossing Donation

Wyoming statutes provide for a voluntary donation to be utilized for wildlife conservation efforts related to the transportation system in Wyoming. This donation will be used solely to fund or defray costs specifically for signage communicating about wildlife, wildlife 
corridors wildlife crossings and game fences.  These funds are transferred to the wildlife conservation account within the state highway fund. As these projects benefit hunters by keeping wildlife alive and on the landscape, the Department encourages your participation in this program. This donation is in addition to other license fees.

Step 14: Voluntary Wildlife Damage Donation

Wyoming statutes provide for a voluntary donation of a minimum of two dollars ($2) to be utilized to fund predatory control activities in Wyoming.  This donation shall only be expended as determined by the commission for management and control of predator populations and depredating animals.  As these projects benefit hunters, the Department encourages your participation in this program. This donation is in addition to other license fees.

Step 15: Application Review

CAREFULLY read the application review screen to ensure that your choices match what you had intended to apply for.  If the information is accurate, choose “Add to Shopping Cart.”  If you need to make changes or do not wish to complete the application at this time, you must select “Cancel” and start over.

Step 16: Shopping Cart

The first step to completing the application process is to CAREFULLY REVIEW ALL INFORMATION ON THE SHOPPING CART SCREEN.  You may choose to hit the “Delete” button on any application you choose not to apply and pay for at this time.  You may choose “Checkout Now” to pay for your selections, or “Add an Application for this Sportsperson” or “Switch to Another Sportsperson,” to submit an additional application in this transaction. 
By clicking “Checkout Now,” you are swearing “Under penalty of prosecution, I swear or affirm that the information given by me on this application is true and correct.”
When you click on the “Checkout Now” button, you will be directed to a page that explains the method of refunding license fees to unsuccessful applicants. After reading and understanding the information, click on “I Understand – Continue” to proceed to the payment page. You will then be redirected to our credit card vendor’s website. If your computer settings do not allow you to be redirected to another website, you will not be able to continue.

Step 17: Billing Information

Verify the application total listed at the top of the page matches the total amount you are authorizing to be charged to your credit card.


Complete the information as requested.  By clicking “Submit Payment” you authorize full payment of the application total above.

Step 18: Receipt 

At the conclusion of your transaction, you will see a receipt detailing information about your transaction.  You should print this and keep it for your records. If you ever have a question about your credit card charge, the receipt number will be important for reference. Your receipt is NOT a valid license.
The party ID is also printed on the receipt along with a recap of your application information.
Note: If you did not receive a receipt confirmation, your application may not have been submitted. Please contact the Department at 307-777-4600 if this occurs.


After you have applied, you can log back into the online system and:
  • View and modify previously submitted applications. View the Application Dates and Deadlines for the modify/withdrawl date.  After the Commission meeting in late April, you are encouraged to check the Department’s website to verify that your season dates have not changed. The modify/withdrawl date for bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat and wild bison is prior to the April Commission meeting.  If you need to modify your application go to the Department’s website and log in as you did to enter the drawing. When you get to the “Hunting Applications Available” page, click on “View Previously Submitted Applications” and then the “Modify” button and select the “Continue to Update Areas and Types” button.  You will not be able to modify the fee type for which you have submitted your application. For example, you can’t change from a regular to a special or a reduced price to a full price or vice versa. The party organizer must make the modifications to party applications.
  • Withdraw your application from the drawing (see applicable deadline dates for withdrawing applications).
        For deadlines for withdrawing applications using the Department’s website, please review the application dates and deadline chart. A $5 fee will be deducted from the license application refund. The refund will be issued upon completion of the drawing. Pioneer applicants are exempt from the $5 withdrawal fee. Applicants may not withdraw from the Super Tag or Super Tag Trifecta drawing or a preference point only purchase. If you withdraw your application(s) from the drawing, your license fee(s) will not be refunded until after the drawing.      
        To withdraw an application, go to the Department’s website and log in as you did to enter the drawing.  Select “View Previously Submitted Applications” and then the “Modify” button and the “Remove Application from Drawing” button.
  • View results after the drawings are held. Go to the Department’s website and under the "Hunting in Wyoming" button, scroll down to "Application Quick Links" and choose "Draw Results." Enter your first name, last name, mailing zip code and date of birth to see if you were successful in the draw.
Successful applicants will be mailed their license within thirty (30) days of the drawing date. Elk, deer and antelope regulations have been combined into one brochure, which will be mailed in August. Applicants who do not receive a license or refund within thirty (30) days following the drawing result date should notify the Department.  Unsuccessful applicants will no longer receive refund warrants, but will instead have a credit applied back to their credit card. License fees are returned to unsuccessful applicants. Applicants who wish to obtain results prior to receiving their license(s) in the mail may access this information at the Department’s website or by calling 307-777-4600.

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