Please join the Wyoming Mule Deer Initiative and help secure the future of Wyoming's mule deer. 

Those who appreciate mule deer have reported seeing fewer over the last several decades. The threat to mule deer is real.. Mule deer populations are in decline across western North America. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is committed to conserving wildlife for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, including doing all we can to reverse the downward trend among mule deer. 

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for the decline in mule deer populations. Mule deer will likely never return to the population peaks of 50 years ago. However, the success of efforts to stop mule deer declines in Wyoming will depend on public involvement. Mule deer are integral to maintaining the diversity and abundance of Wyoming's native species for generations to come, and you can make difference. 

Working together provides the best opportunities to improve conditions for mule deer by creating state-wide management plans and local plans to focus on individual herd units.  The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has identified herd units statewide for increased public participation in their future management. To share your thoughts or get involved, contact your wildlife management coordinator listed below. Click on the links below to learn more about the mule deer herds and public working groups in your area:

Jackson/Pinedale – Doug McWhirter: (307) 733-2321

Wyoming Range and Sublette Mule Deer Herds

Cody – Corey Class: (307) 527-7125
Owl Creek/ Meeteetse Mule Deer Herd

Sheridan – Dan Thiele: (307) 672-8003
Upper Powder River Mule Deer Herd

Green River – Mark Zornes: (307) 875-3223
Baggs Mule Deer Herd

Laramie – Embere Hall (307) 721-1376
Sheep Mountain Mule Deer Herd 
Platte Valley Mule Deer Herd

Lander – Daryl Lutz: (307) 332-2688
Green Mountain and the South Wind River Mule Deer Herd

Casper – Justin Binfet: (307) 473-3400
Casper Hunt Area 66 Mule Deer Herd

Statewide Mule Deer Initiative and Information

Mule Deer Initiative
Mule Deer Initiative Booklet
Recommendations for Managing Mule Deer Habitat in Wyoming
2012 Wyoming Mule Deer Hunter Attitude Survey
The Highs and Lows for Mule Deer in Western Wyoming - Jan. 2018 WGFD Commission presentation by Dr. Monteith, Univ. of WY
Mule Deer Winter Feeding

Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Mule Deer Working Group Publications

Critical Review of Antler Point Regulations
Mule Deer Working Group Activity and Accomplishments
Statewide Mule Deer Initiative
Recommended Strategies to Manage Mule Deer Hunting
Deer Capture and Handling Guidelines


Mule Deer: Saving the Icon of the West


Additional Mule Deer Links

Muley Fanatics Foundation
The Mule Deer Foundation
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Mule Deer Working Group
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Mule Deer Fact Sheets

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