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Sage-Grouse Implementation Team (SGIT)

The Sage-Grouse Implementation Team (SGIT) is comprised of representatives from State and Federal agencies, industry, and non-governmental organizations. The SGIT members have been appointed by Governor Gordon, and they work collaboratively to protect the Greater Sage-Grouse under the State of Wyoming's Sage-Grouse Executive Order (2019-3).

The SGIT meets approximately 6 times a year to discuss current Sage-Grouse related issues under the direction of Chairman Bob Budd. The public is invited to attend these meetings.

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SGIT Team Members

Sage Grouse Implementation Team Sage-grouse Core Area Map Review


Sage-grouse Core Area Proposed Revisions:

Interactive map of Sage-Grouse Core Areas with SGIT Drafts and State of Wyoming Proposed Revisions
State of Wyoming Proposed SG Core Revisions - 12/22/2023

Next SGIT meeting


Friday, Sept. 22, beginning at 9:00 AM

Central Wyoming College
Intertribal Education & Community Center 
Room 125
2660 Peck Ave
Riverton, WY 82501
(Building number 1 on the map below).

This meeting will be an effort to update and refine amendments from the 2019 BLM plans, and will focus on those areas that were addressed at that time, but subsequently vacated by the federal court.
Specifically, the SGIT will address 1) habitat tables, 2) grazing, 3) fluid minerals, 4) waivers, exceptions and modifications, 5) feral horses, 6) predation, 7) adaptive management, 8) renewable energy and rights of way, and 9) mitigation.
The intent is to have a state alternative prepared for the DRAFT EIS deliverable in early 2024.

*There will be no virtual option

Previous SGIT meeting materials are available via the Google Drive folder linked here.

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