Habitat / Sage Grouse Management / Sage Grouse Executive Order

Sage-Grouse Executive Order


Please click the link below to view the public comments submitted for the update to the Sage-Grouse Executive Order.
Sage-Grouse Executive Order Public Comments

The State of Wyoming's Sage-Grouse Conservation Strategy
Sage-Grouse Executive Order 2015-4
Executive Order 2017-2 on Wetlands and Riparian Habitat
Chart: Avoidance, Minimization, and Compensatory Mitigation for Development in Core vs. Non-core
Click here for Clarification on Oil and Gas Spacing Orders

Compensatory Mitigation
Governor Mead's Revised Compensatory Mitigation Framework
Executive Order 2018-03 Compensatory Mitigation Credit Provider Approval Process
Credit Provider Pre-Screen Worksheet
Credit Provider Prospectus 

De Minimis Projects
De Minimis Permitting Flowchart
De Minimis Projects Clarification

Vegetation Protocols and Applications

WGFD Protocols for Treating Sagebrush

Federal Sage-Grouse Decision Documents
U.S. Forest Service Greater Sage-Grouse Record of Decision – NW Colorado & Wyoming
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Register Notice - 12-Month Finding on a Petition to     List Greater Sage-Grouse as an Endangered or Threatened Species
Wyoming Greater Sage-Grouse RMP/LRMP Amendments
Sage-Grouse Habitat Assessment Framework
BLM Petition/Application for Sagebrush Focal Areas Withdrawal
Bighorn Basin Approved RMP and Record of Decision
Buffalo Field Office Approved RMP and Record of Decision

BLM Instruction Memorandums 2017:


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