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Sage-Grouse Data

Compilation of 2019 Research in Wyoming

​​Document from Dr. Jeff Beck summarizing 2019 research projects in Wyoming. 

Sage-Grouse Core Area Maps and Shapefiles

Sage-Grouse Map with Names
Sage-Grouse Management, Connectivity, and Winter Concentration Areas - Version 4
Core Management Areas - Version 4 - Shapefiles
Core Management Areas - Version 4 - UTM Zone 12 NAD 1983 - Shapefiles
Core Management Areas - Version 4 - Connectivity - Shapefiles​
General Sage-Grouse Habitat 2015 - Shapefiles
Historic Sage-Grouse Habitat 2015 - Shapefiles
Sage-Grouse Winter Concentration Areas v. 4 - Shapefiles
Interactive map of Sage-Grouse Core Areas with SGIT Drafts and State of Wyoming Proposed Revisions
Transmission Corridors Through Sage-Grouse Core Areas​

SageMap - Sage-Grouse and sagebrush mapping and research efforts clearinghouse from around the Western U.S
CED v.2 - USFWS tool to gather conservation efforts for sage-grouse

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