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Density and Disturbance Calculation Tool (DDCT)

The Density and Disturbance Calculation Tool (DDCT) is a spatially based application that calculates the number of disruptive activities averaged per square mile and total surface disturbance within the DDCT assessment area.  Proponents of surface disturbing activities in sage-grouse core areas must submit their project footprints through this tool to complete their permitting process. If you need assistance to determine if your project is in a core area, please use the Natural Resource and Energy Explorer tool.

Please use the following links to access the web application, DDCT Guide, habitat evaluation form, and Exception Request form.  Note: Starting in 2024, all exception requests will need to be submitted through the DDCT as we will be discontinuing use of the Exception Request form.

Density and Disturbance Calculation Tool
DDCT Guide
SGEO Appendix G - Habitat Evaluation Form
Exception Request Form

If you have questions about using the DDCT application, please contact the the GIS DDCT Support team at (307)757-0408 or via email at

If you have questions about the policy or biology that underlies the DDCT process, please call the Habitat Protection Program at (307)777-4506 or email us at

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