Sage-Grouse Management

Governor Mead's Sage-Grouse Executive Order (2015-4)

Click here to view Executive Order
Click here for Clarification on Oil and Gas Spacing Orders

Sage-Grouse Decision Documents

De Minimis Permitting Flowchart
De Minimis Projects Clarification
Sage-Grouse Vegetation Treatment Protocols

BLM Petition/Application for Sagebrush Focal Areas Withdrawal
U.S. Forest Service Greater Sage-Grouse Record of Decision – NW Colorado & Wyoming
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Register Notice - 12-Month Finding on a Petition to List Greater Sage-Grouse as an Endangered or Threatened Species
Wyoming Greater Sage-Grouse RMP/LRMP Amendments
Bighorn Basin Approved RMP and Record of Decision
Buffalo Field Office Approved RMP and Record of Decision

Contact Information

Wyoming Game and Fish Habitat Protection Services: (307) 777-4506

Density Disturbance Calculation Tool (DDCT)

DDCT Worksheet
DDCT Worksheet Questions
SGEO Attachment C Habitat Evaluation Form
Density Disturbance Calculation Web Application

Governor's Sage-Grouse Implementation Team

Sage-Grouse Implementation Team (SGIT) Meeting
Next meeting February 28, 2017
Elk Room, WGFD Headquarters, 5400 Bishop Blvd. Cheyenne, WY

For more information, please contact Mary Flanderka, 307-777-4587

Sage-Grouse Implementation Team Members

Sage-Grouse Core Area Maps and Shapefiles

Sage-Grouse Map with Names
Sage-Grouse Management, Connectivity, and Winter Concentration Areas - Version 4
Core Management Areas - Version 4 - Shapefiles
Core Management Areas - Version 4 - UTM Zone 12 NAD 1983 - Shapefiles
Core Management Areas - Version 4 - Connectivity - Shapefiles​
General Sage-Grouse Habitat 2015 - Shapefiles
Historic Sage-Grouse Habitat 2015 - Shapefiles
Sage-Grouse Winter Concentration Areas v. 4 - Shapefiles
Interactive map of Sage-Grouse Core Areas v. 4 
Transmission Corridors Through Sage-Grouse Core Areas​

Job Completion Reports

Sage-Grouse JCRs

Sage-Grouse Update Newsletter

Working Groups

Final Wyoming Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan (July 2003)

Funding for Sage-Grouse/Sagebrush Projects

Other Sage-Grouse/Sagebrush Documents

USFWS Mitigation Policy Revision
Sage-Grouse Job Completion Reports
Conservation Assessment of Greater Sage-Grouse and Sagebrush Habitats
Douglas Core Area Restoration Team Annual Report 2013-2014
Evaluating Habitat Aeration Treatments
Fence Marking to Reduce Greater Sage-Grouse Collisions and Mortality
Fire Management in Xeric Sagebrush Habitats (Recommendation)
Habitat Conservation Benefits Resulting From a Leafy Spurge
Habitat Management Guidelines for Wyoming - July 24, 2007
Hunting & Sage-Grouse: A Technical Review of Harvest Mgmt on a Species of Concern
Monitoring of Greater Sage-Grouse Habitats and Populations
Prescribed Fire as a Management Tool in Xeric Sagebrush Ecosystems
Sage-Grouse Bibliography
Sage-Grouse Habitat Assessment Framework (August 2010)
Sage-Grouse Hunting: Why is it still allowed?
WGFD Protocols for Treating Sagebrush
Wyoming Sage-Grouse Lek Viewing Guide

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