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All Priority Areas Sage Grouse and Big Game

All Crucial Areas
     Aquatic and Combined Crucial
     Terrestrial and Combined Crucial

All Enhancement Areas
     Aquatic and Combined Enhancement
     Terrestrial and Combined Enhancement

Jackson Individual Priority Area Narratives

The narratives below will be updated with individual priority map and ownership information. 

Crucial Areas

Aquatic Terrestrial Combined
Bluehead Sucker Alpine                     
Salt River Corridor Gros Ventre 6th Order Hydrologic Unit  
Snake River Corridor Snake Headwaters 6th Order Hydrologic Unit  
Spring Creeks Corridors South Jackson  
Steer Creek Corridor Teton  
Upper Salt River Big Game Crucial                            
Willow Creek Sage-grouse Core Areas  
Upper Hoback River    
Upper Spread Creek    
East Tetons    















Enhancement Areas

Aquatic Terrestrial Combined
Greys River Watershed Afton Front Greys River
Hoback River Corridor Spring Creek Teton to Snake and Spring Creek
Salt River Corridor Upper Gros Ventre West Tetons
Spring Creeks Corridors Willow Creek  
West Tetons    





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