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All Priority Areas Sage Grouse and Big Game

All Crucial Areas
     Aquatic and Combined Crucial
     Terrestrial and Combined Crucial

All Enhancement Areas
     Aquatic and Combined Enhancement
     Terrestrial and Combined Enhancement

Green River Individual Priority Area Narratives

The narratives below will be updated with individual priority map and ownership information. 

Crucial Areas

Aquatic Terrestrial Combined
Bear River Corridor Bear River- Southern Wyoming Range Green River, Black Hills and Hams Fork
Bear River Tributaries Fontenelle Little Mountain and Flaming Gorge
Fontenelle Sands Red Desert - Bitter Creek
Gilbert Creek Sierra Madre  
Haggarty Uinta  
Hatch Creek Sage-grouse Core Areas  
Hell Canyon Creek    
Henrys Fork River Corridor    
High Savery Reservoir Corridor    
Little Snake River Corridor    
Sage Creek 3BF    
Upper Dirtyman Creek    
Big Sandstone    
The Sandy    
Upper Hams Fork    
Upper Little Snake River    
Upper Muddy Creek Watershed (3BF)    
Upper Muddy Creek Watershed (3MC)    













Enhancement Areas 

Aquatic Terrestrial Combined
Little Mountain   WHMA's
Lower Big Sandy River Corridor    
Lower Blacks Fork River Corridor    
Sage Creek 3BF                                    
Upper muddy Creek Watershed 3MC    











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