Follow Along Shared Learning - Week by Week

Shared Learning Week 1 and 2 - Wildlife Disease and Elk Feedgrounds:


Join WGFD Director Brian Nesvik for an introduction to elk feedgrounds.  Tara Kuipers describes the Shared Learning process for Stakeholders. Then follow along with State Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Samantha Allen and WGFD Wildlife Health Supervisor Hank Edwards as we begin to explore diseases and elk feedgrounds.  Agenda here.

Watch and learn about necrobacillosis with Dr. Jennifer Malmberg at the University of Wyoming.

Stakeholders asked questions of Game and Fish employees.  Watch Disease Questions and Answers Session

Additional references:


Powerpoint Presentations: 

1. Feedgrounds and Diseases

2. Feedgrounds and CWD

3. Feedgrounds and Brucellosis


Shared Learning Week 3 - A Week Away:

Stakeholders enjoyed a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday and spent time reviewing Wildlife Disease and Elk Feedgrounds presentations.


Shared Learning Week 4 - Federal Partners:

Please review the information presented by our Federal Partners during Phase 1 of Elk Feedgrounds:  A Challenge We Can Take On.  This link will take you to a video presentation (approximately 27 minutes) we recorded during Phase 1.  


In addition, the National Elk Refuge has provided an additional presentation, including more information on the Bison and Elk Management Step-down Plan.     


Stakeholders asked questions of the Elk Feedgrounds Steering Team


Additional references:

Shared Learning Week 5 - WGFD Damage/Conflict Management:



In this presentation, Game and Fish focuses on damage and conflict in relation to Feedgrounds and in other areas of the state.


Additional Resources:


Powerpoint Presentations:

Shared Learning Week 6 - Winter Range and Land Use; Western State Management of Wintering Elk



Game and Fish presents on Winter Range and Land Use. You can also read this compilation of information on Western State Management of Wintering Elk.  


This Question & Answer Session covers questions on Winter Range and Land Use as well as Western State Management of Wintering Elk.

Shared Learning Weeks 7, 8, 9 - A Few Weeks Away:

Stakeholders had time off to catch up on previous Shared Learning topics during the holidays.

Shared Learning Week 10 - Impact of Feedgrounds Management on Elk and Other Wildlife Populations and Hunting

               Impact of Feedgrounds Management on Elk and Other Wildlife Populations and Hunting


Shared Learning Week 11 -  Economic and Tourism Related Impacts of Elk Feedground Management

Economic and Tourism Related Impacts of Elk Feedground Management

Chronic wasting disease undermines efforts to control the spread of brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem


Shared Learning Week 12 - A Week Away

Stakeholders reviewed all Shared Learning content to prepare for in-person Q&A

Shared Learning Week 13 - Modeling;  Management Trade-offs, and Implications, Overall Q&A

The Elk Feedgrounds Stakeholders meet in Pinedale and via Zoom to cover these topics and to break out into stakeholder groups to begin discussions beyond the binary "either/or" choices related to feedgrounds.   Game and Fish hopes to gain your informed, thorough, and creative perspectives on addressing these five considerations in future long-term elk feedground management: 1) Damage and Conflict Mitigation, 2)Disease Management and Mitigation, 3) Hunter Opportunity, 4) Habitat Protection, and 5) Wildlife Management, overall. 


Additional Resources:

Modeling CWD in the Jackson elk herd Galloway et al 2017
Maloney et al, 2020 - CWD, Brucellosis, GYE - Ecological Applications 
CWD model of genetic selection prolongs survival in elk Williams 2014
Adaptive management of CWD in Jackson Elk Herd Galloway 2021


Powerpoint Presentations:

Modeling CWD on Elk Feedgrounds - Feb 2022
Feb 1 2022 Kuipers Slides 


Elk Feedground Video:

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