Ron Dube

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2023

Ron Dube of Wapiti is an accomplished outfitter, professional horseman and dedicated conservationist — a quintessential outdoorsman. His passion for the outdoors started as a child and led him to Wyoming. He has been featured in many outdoor magazines, books, television shows and videos where he always was a steward for wildlife and promoted ethical hunting and conservation of wild animals. Dube was a devoted Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation member and raised more than $70,000 from hunts he donated. In 1978, Dube conducted the first documented elk-calling contest and was responsible for developing the now widely accepted rules. He has guided hundreds of hunters over the years. He has played a critical role in the Wyoming Legislature where he brought forth various game laws to legislators, and in 1989 played a pivotal role in the development of the Wyoming Professional Board of Outfitters. His knowledge of Wyoming is based on his deep love of the state, time spent outdoors and studying books written by great outdoorsmen. His life’s purpose has been educating others about Wyoming’s flora and fauna. After retiring from outfitting, he continued to live out his life purpose by volunteering as an interpretive guide to hundreds of tourists in Yellowstone National Park.

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