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2023 Landowner of the Year - Cody Region
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Landowners: Anne Young and Jim Nielson

The Cody Region is pleased to award Anne Young and Jim (posthumously) Nielson of Sage Creek Ranch and True North Ranch with the 2023 Landowner of the Year Award. Anne and Jim have proven their commitment to conserving fertile agricultural lands, viewscapes and critical habitat for wildlife in the Cody Region for more than 30 years. Anne is known for her passion, positive and humble attitude and ability to pull diverse groups together to implement critical conservation and management actions. Jim was known for his on-the-ground knowledge of land and livestock management alongside his dedica-
tion to supporting large-scale conservation.

Anne and Jim have demonstrated their commitment to conservation through their long-term involvement with conservation organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Park County Open Lands with the Jackson Hole Land Trust, Absaroka Fence Initiate and the Wyoming Outdoor Council. Anne and Jim are founding members of TNC’s Wyoming Chapter. Their tireless efforts to conserve the biodiversity in the area, provide access and education programs to youth and engage the community with this important resource have been unmatched by any. Anne and Jim’s efforts have resulted in the Heart Mountain Ranch

Preserve attracting scientists, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts and youth groups from across the world. Anne and Jim have not only spent time and money being on the ground stewards of their own properties but have also partnered with Game and Fish to conduct important management-level research in the Cody Region. The True North property is situated in important moose habitat. They gave personal finances and worked closely with other landowners, local Game and Fish managers and the University of Wyoming to initiate a moose population study that included the deployment of collars and trail cameras. The information gathered during this project has been invaluable in the continuing management of moose in the Greybull River drainage system.

Anne and Jim have been exceptional partners in the pursuit of the conservation of native wildlife and habitats. Their commitment to working land stewardship has gone beyond their own properties and has fil-
tered out through most of the area by their involvement in nearly every aspect of conservation in the Cody area. Their tireless efforts for the wildlife and wild habitats in this area and across the state have made
lasting positive impacts that will be recognized for many years.

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