Bateman Ranch

2023 Landowner of the Year - Jackson Region

Landowners: Richard and Brenda Bateman

The Jackson Region is pleased to award Richard and Brenda Bateman
with the 2023 Landowner of the Year Award. The Batemans run the
Bateman Ranch in northern Lincoln County east of Etna. The ranch
provides high-quality habitat for mule deer, elk, the occasional moose,
game birds and a variety of nongame species. Richard Bateman with

help from his wife Brenda and their children run the day-to-day opera-
tions on the ranch. They are exceptional stewards of this historic proper-
ty. Richard has worked to eliminate elk damage on his property by feed-
ing in the mornings so his cattle can eat all the feed before elk show up

and receive a food reward. Richard has also maintained his stack yards

to eliminate the opportunity for elk to get into hay and become habitu-
ated to causing damage. Even with this damage, Richard has been ex-
tremely helpful by allowing access to his properties to bait elk through

the elk fence and then be fed to keep them from causing damage. Many
times in the past, he has helped feed as a volunteer. Richard has also
allowed Game and Fish access to facilitate the movement of elk through

the fence each winter. In past years, when elk have had to be fed above
his property to prevent damage he has allowed hay to be stored on his
property to facilitate the feeding and hauling of the hay. This has saved

many hours for Game and Fish personnel and has helped them com-
plete their jobs in a more satisfactory manner.

Richard and Brenda are friends to sportspeople. In the fall of each year, they allow many people to harvest elk in their backfields. They also allow almost anyone who asks access through their property to the U.S. Forest Service lands on the other side of the elk fence. Richard, Brenda and their family are a hardworking ranching family. A family that loves and cherishes wildlife and the outdoors. They are a family that has integrity and are willing to serve others. They are great neighbors. They are friends to the public, Game and Fish and support our mission. For these reasons and many others, the Bateman family deserves to be the 2023 Jackson Region Landowners of the Year.

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