The Maiers

2014 Landowner of the Year - Lander Region

Landowners: Bill and Dorothy Maiers

Bill and Dorothy Maiers are  landowners on the north side of Green Mountain, with approximately 300 acres on Middle Cottonwood and West Cottonwood Creeks. The Maiers provide hunting and fishing access to everyone that takes the time to ask permission, and have done so for the past 42 years that they’ve owned the property. What the Maiers may lack in quantity of deeded acres, they make up for in a strong will to add quality to their land , and the surrounding  areas.
In 2014, the Lander Region hosted a mule deer workshop in Lander to discuss issues regarding mule deer in two key herd units. Bill and Dorothy came over from Casper to attend the meeting and were instantly moved by the desire to provide an opportunity to help mule deer habitat on their property. Before the workshop was over, Bill invited his local game warden, habitat biologist and wildlife biologist to come out to their property to assess its condition and identify any improvements that could be made to benefit mule deer.
Bill convinced his neighbor of the merits of healthy mule deer habitat and effectively doubled the amount of private ground to be improved. Potential future improvements on their land include treatments to benefit existing bitterbrush communities, cheat grass control, spring enhancements, conifer thinning in aspen stands, and transplanting beavers to riparian areas.
Bill and Dorothy have shown that the size of the ranch isn’t what makes a landowner special, but it’s what that landowner does with the available resources to improve upon their land that does. 

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