2014 Landowner of the Year - Laramie Region

Landowners: Doug and Susan Samuelson

Properties owned and managed by Doug and Susan Samuelson total more than 30,000 acres in the Laramie Range between Laramie and the eastern edge of Wyoming.  Their land provides excellent wildlife and fisheries habitat, supporting a diversity of wildlife species from Hungarian partridges to bighorn sheep.
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (Department) has been working cooperatively with the Samuelsons and the Bureau of Land Management to conduct prescribed fire treatments in mixed mountain shrub habitats.  Over 2,000 acres have been treated and additional acres are planned for treatment this fall.  Shrubs burned by fire re-sprouted vigorously and resulted in exponential increases in forage quality and quantity for use by big game.  The Samuelsons ranch manager, Dennis Magnusson, worked cooperatively with the Department and several conservation organizations to complete the project.
The Samuelsons participated in the Iron Mountain Hunter Management Assistant Program in 2012 and 2013 elk seasons.  Doug Samuelson and Dennis Magnusson were incredibly helpful during these hunts, allowing for much better harvest success than anticipated.  During the course of these two seasons the public was allowed to harvest more than 200 cow and calf elk on their property.  This harvest brought the Iron Mountain elk herd closer to the objective.
Doug and Susan Samuelson demonstrate strong wildlife conservation and land stewardship ethics and are most deserving of the Laramie Region’s Landowner of the Year Award.

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