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2014 Landowner of the Year - Casper Region
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Landowners: Jim, Peg and Casey Price

Jim, Peg and Casey Price, owners of Miles Land and Livestock Company, in concert with their family, manage a portion of central Wyoming’s open spaces in a traditional livestock operation with a progressive eye on the future.  The Prices have been instrumental in cooperating with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (Department) and other conservation groups to implement the Bates Creek Watershed Restoration project on their private land and state and federal leases for the past 11 years.  To date, they have rested treatment areas from livestock grazing, which allows the areas to provide full benefits to wildlife, watershed health and livestock performance.  They have unselfishly invested money and time in these projects.  For example, they have had to seek additional pasture for their livestock to accommodate changes in their operation to ensure the habitat projects are rested and successful. 

The Prices recognize the importance of hunting as a sporting activity and as a wildlife management tool. Their lands enrolled in the Muddy Mountain Hunter Management Area have significantly improved the Department’s ability to manage big game in this area and provides sportspersons access to superb elk, mule deer, and pronghorn hunting.

The Prices are now seeing the immeasurable benefits from the restoration projects they have implemented.  It is without doubt their progressive attitude, willingness to take some measured risk, and spirit of cooperation will benefit the Bates Hole watershed and the associated wildlife resources for generations to come!

Congratulations to Jim, Peggy and Casey Price of Miles Land and Livestock as the recipients of the 2014 Casper Region Landowner of the Year Award.

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