Hoodoo Ranch

2014 Landowner of the Year - Cody Region

Landowners: J.D. Radakovich

The Cody Region is pleased to nominate the Hoodoo Ranch as our 2014 Landowner of the Year.  Under the guidance of ranch manager J.D. Radakovich, the Hoodoo Ranch runs a cow/calf cattle and farming operation on 255,000 acres of private, state and federal lands in Northwest Wyoming.  The Hoodoo Ranch provides excellent habitat for a multitude of game and nongame species. 
J.D. Radakovich became ranch manager in 2010 and since that time the ranch has increased the number of acres enrolled in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Private Lands Public Wildlife program to over 92,000 acres.  In 2014, the ranch provided more than 1,600 licensed hunters the opportunity to hunt deer, elk and antelope in multiple hunt areas.

The Department works closely with ranch employees  to manage large carnivore conflicts that occur regularly on the ranch.  The Hoodoo has an interest in sage grouse conservation and has entered into a voluntary agreement with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to inventory pastures, allow vegetation sampling, and develop a grazing plan that ultimately results in productive spring nesting habitat for sage grouse.

It is safe to say that without the cooperation and commitment to wildlife conservation by the Hoodoo Ranch, northwest Wyoming would not enjoy the abundance of wildlife  we have today. 

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