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2014 Landowner of the Year - Pinedale Region
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Landowners: Pam Chrisman

Pam Chrisman is a stalwart in Sublette County when it comes to maintaining and supporting wildlife and fish habitats. Her interest in preserving crucial riparian willow bottoms and cottonwood galleries along LaBarge Creek, Fish Creek, South Piney Creek and the Green River will ensure that a whole host of avian and mammalian species will endure into the distant future.  Her land management ethic in conserving these habitats is remarkable.
Her interest in maintaining and preserving movement and migration corridors on her ranches for segments of the largest Shiras moose and mule deer populations in Wyoming is commendable. Pam initiated a reconstruction of pasture fences on her properties to ensure these fences are of a standard to provide the necessary corridors for unrestricted and unhindered travel for big game species.
Pam was one of several permittees involved with the Piney Creeks Vegetation Restoration project after the 2012 Fontenelle Wildfire.  In order to maximize the stabilization and recovery of her allotments, she chose to rest these allotments and utilize different pasture away from her base operation. 
Pam’s commitment to maintaining a working ranch and all of the essential wildlife habitats that are found there reflect an extraordinary interest in the conservation of Wyoming’s diverse and unique wildlife species. 

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