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Top 10 amazing WY bats facts

Hint: They eat A LOT!

  1. Wyoming is home to 18 different bat species.
  2. Young bats are called pups.
  3. If you find a bat roosting outside, leave it alone!
  4. Bats feed on insects, often around Wyoming’s lakes, rivers and other water sources.  
  5. Guano (bat poop) sparkles when you crush it. Bats eat insects so the tiny pieces of the exoskeletons in the guano shine in the light.
  6. Most species of bats in Wyoming spend the winter hibernating in roosts in caves, rocky slopes and mines. The places bats hibernate are called hibernacula.
  7. Game and Fish checks on Wyoming bats in known winter roosts to look for the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome, a disease that kills the little mammal.
  8. Eastern Wyoming is called the “zone of integration” where eastern and western species of bats overlap in the U.S.
  9. Bats can catch around 600 moths in an hour.
  10. The hoary bat is found across Wyoming in the summer but migrates as far south as Central America for the winter. 

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