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Show us your best black-footed ferret drawing

Celebrate this mighty mammal

Black-footed ferrets are the most endangered species in North America. In fact, they were thought to be extinct! That means there were no more living ferrets anywhere in the world.

But, one day, in 1981 near a town called Meeteetse in Wyoming, Shep, a ranch dog, brought a dead ferret to the doorstep. Shep’s owners (John and Lucille Hogg), having never seen such an unusual animal in Wyoming, took the animal to the local taxidermist who identified it as a black-footed ferret and notified wildlife officials. This exciting discovery meant that black-footed ferrets were not extinct, and there was a chance to save them!

Now, there are many black-footed ferrets that live in Meeteetse, and other places in Wyoming. Learn the full story of these mighty mammals and see lots of ferret photos.

We want to see your best black-footed ferret drawing to celebrate this great Wyoming story. Download the drawing page.

Send your drawings to: The drawings will be featured in a video in October on the Inspire a Kid e-newsletter. 

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